Because 2020 Isn't Through With Us Yet, There's Now Turkey Dinner Candy Corn

Of all of the things the year 2020 could throw at unsuspecting people who just want some sense of normalcy amidst the mass chaos of the present day, my money was definitely not on Turkey Dinner Candy Corn. Murder hornets? Sure. Fire tornadoes? You bet. But, the taste of an entire Thanksgiving dinner all wrapped up into tiny triangular lumps of sugar? The shock of this combination rivals that of pretty much everything else this year has hurled my way.

Brach's newest candy creation features all of the individual flavors you might expect to encounter during a Thanksgiving dinner — roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, ginger-glazed carrots, and sweet potato pie — in a mixed bag of candy corn. You can literally have the tastes of an entire, multi-course meal in a single handful. On their website, Brach's calls the bag a "sweet and savory Thanksgiving feast."

"We’re always innovating with trends and fun flavors, and we know this year is different than anything we’ve ever seen," Mariah Havens, Senior Brand Manager of Seasonal Marketing for Ferrara, said in a statement to Thrillist. "Much like our new Branch's Turkey Dinner candy corn, which includes a full-course meal of traditional Thanksgiving favorites."

While this particular bag may be their most unique to date, this isn't the company's first foray into different flavored candy corn. My mom fills a glass jar shaped like a pumpkin with Brach's Pumpkins candy corn each and every year, and even the Autumn Mix bag and chocolately Harvest Corn have their merits. But, the Turkey Dinner Candy Corn takes the cake. (Or... takes the pie?)

I mean, I guess I can kind of see the appeal of plopping a dish of this down in the middle of your Thanksgiving dinner table and calling it done. Instead of standing over a hot stove for hours on end, I could just buy one bag of tiny triangles, dump them in a bowl, and let my kids have at it. My mother-in-law might not approve, but my kids will be so thrilled to eat candy for dinner that they won't even care if there's no actual turkey to carve.

Notably missing from the bevy of typical Turkey Day fanfare flavors is an actual corn dish. It's a bit of a shock that a candy with the word "corn" right in the name would exclude this vegetable from the lineup, but hey, so is the mere existence of a dinner-flavored candy itself.

You can pick up a bag of Turkey Dinner Candy Corn at your local Walgreens if you want to see for yourself what exactly a green bean-flavored piece of candy corn tastes like. A 12-ounce bag retails for around $3, so even if you can't stand the sugary version of roasted turkey, the dent in your wallet won't be all that drastic. Surprisingly, the new treat is already out of stock on the Walgreens website, so until they re-stock, you'll have to venture out into an actual store to get your hands on a bag right this moment.

This time of year, I'm usually one of the first to scour the candy aisles at my local grocery store for all things pumpkin-flavored. I almost always end up snagging a bag or two of candy corn while I'm at it. I look forward to my first fistful of the cheery yellow, orange, and white sugar bombs every single year. Will I take the plunge and try this new mix this time around? Only time will tell if roasted turkey-flavored candy corn will make an appearance on my Thanksgiving table this year.