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You're Going To Love The Cast Of 'Mexican Dynasties'

From classic shows like The Real Housewives franchise to Project Runway, it's no secret that Bravo is one of the reigning champions of reality television. On Feb. 26, Bravo is premiering its all-new show, Mexican Dynasties, and reality TV fans are already buzzing about the Mexican Dynasties cast — and for good reason.

Mexican Dynasties will follow the lives of three established families in Mexico City: the Allendes, the Bessudos, and the Madrazos. The interesting part? The three families have been intertwined both personally and professionally for decades. And according to Bravo's website, "With both humor and heart, they challenge stereotypes, raise a few eyebrows and proudly showcase their over-the-top lifestyles."

While Mexico Dynasties could be something that simply slips into your Tuesday night routine on television, the show's cast also has a very real challenge to show the world, especially in 2019's political climate.

"Nowadays, Mexico really is in the spotlight in the whole world, and we really wanted to showcase our country and our culture in a very different way," Paulina Madrazo told Entertainment Tonight. "[We want to show] the way that we live it throughout our lives, our eyes, our hearts, and I think that that's why, I mean, we're here, and we're here for good!"

So who will viewers meet when they watch Mexican Dynasties for the first time? Get ready to say "hello" to the cast of your newest obsession.

Fernando Allende

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Born in Mexico, Fernando Allende is the husband to Mari Allende and father to Elan and Adan Allende. In his earlier years, Fernando had a successful career as a singer, actor, artist — and not to mention heartthrob. He is also known as a recurring host for the Miss World pageant, appearing in 2007, 2017, and 2018. Bravo describes him as "the backbone of the family."

Mari Allende

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Mari has been the wife of Fernando for 30 years. Born in Puerto Rico, Mari is described as "unfiltered and lives life to the fullest." From the bios on Bravo, it seems like Mari is also one overprotective mom.

Adan Allende

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Adan is the youngest song of Fernando and Mari. Currently managed by his parents, Adan is also an aspiring recording artist and superstar, hoping to escape the shadow of his father. According to Bravo, he's also a quirky flirt that has been pampered and comfortable with the "wealthy enclave of Aspen" he was raised in.

Elan Allende

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Elan is the oldest son of Mari and Fernando as well as the husband to Jenny Allende. Fernando has a career in commercial real estate. However, like his brother and father, he has an interest in pop music with Jenny. Bravo reveals that Elan will be trying to "mend his strained relationships with his father Fernando and younger brother Adan."

Jenny Allende

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Married to Elan for nine years, Jenny is described as "straightforward and brutally honest." According to Bravo, Jenny is also trying to find her place in the Allende family and is at odds with Fernando and Mari, "who never approved of her marrying their son." Could Jenny's marriage to Elan have been the start of Elan's rift with his family?

Raquel Bessudo

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Mother of Doris Bessudo, Raquel Bessudo, also known as the "Grand Dame of Beauty" in Mexico, is a television host. Bessudo is certainly not afraid to give her two cents when it comes to fashion, and Bravo calls her the "ultimate socialite, philanthropist, and cultural ambassador." Sadly, Leon, Raquel's husband of 58 years, passed away earlier this year. But it looks like Raquel will be trying to get back in the dating game soon.

Doris Bessudo

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Doris, the owned of a female-led public relations and media company, is the daughter — and manager — of Raquel. She is the wife to Jorge Bessudo and mother to two children, and although she lives in Beverly Hills, she often visits Mexico City.

Oscar Madrazo

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Oscar Madrazo has plenty on his plate. Not only does Oscar own the largest modeling agency in Latin America and co-hosts the entertainment talk show Qué Madrazo with his sister, Paulina Madrazo, he also owns a social media and production house. According to Bravo, Oscar was also the first openly gay man in Latin America. Now that his sister is involved in a new relationship, Oscar is hoping to find a love of his own.

Paulina Madrazo

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Like her brother, Paulina has got quite the resume. Apart from her co-hosting duties on Qué Madrazo in Mexico City, Paulina is a Digital Influencer. She is also devoted to her family, as she is a divorced mother of two who co-parents with her brother.

Mexican Dynasties airs every Tuesday on Bravo.