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20 Breastfeeding-Friendly Tops You'll Never Throw Away

There are many wonderful and baffling things about the postpartum period, but figuring out what to wear decidedly falls in the ‘baffling’ category. Many of your maternity clothes aren’t quite right anymore, but it’s also not the time for most of your pre-pregnancy outfits, and if you’re nursing, you’ll need tops that are easy to breastfeed in (because there’s nothing worse than trying to feed a hungry baby while wearing a turtleneck).

From hidden zippers and sneaky snaps, to draped silhouettes with under layers, you may be pleasantly surprised that, with the 18 nursing shirts on this list, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style; they exist together with the added bonus of offering easy access to your boobs.

I’m all for breastfeeding in whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable (or skipping it if it’s not right for you and your babe). There is something reassuring, though, about knowing that your clothes are working for you and that if you, say, have to pump at the office or the airport (big shoutout to those space-age looking lactation pods) you don’t have to fully take off your shirt to get the job done.

From solid tanks to graphic tees, cozy tops, and shirts fit for a night out (yes, you will go out again, one day) these shirts make nursing a breeze (well as breezy as it can be) wherever you are.

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A Drapey Cowl Neck

Made from soft marbled jersey, this drapey top has a button on the shoulder for easy nursing or pumping. You can also put your little one under the inner layer of fabric so it acts like a light blanket.


A Kimono-style Top

This flowy kimono-inspired top with pockets comes in an array of vibrant colors and patterns (which are great for hiding stains). It's not intentionally designed as a nursing top and that's what makes this piece even more of a worthwhile investment. You can easily pull the fabric to the side to nurse and even after you've weaned baby, wear it while running errands, around the house, to dinner, and more.


A Fall Plaid

Fit for a day in a pumpkin patch, this plaid cotton shirt has a slightly longer length designed to be worn from bump to breastfeeding. The button up style makes for easy nursing anywhere.


A Simple Tank

It may just look like a simple tank, but there's a lot more to it. The extra long length makes it a great piece for layering, and it's just fitted enough to feel like it's giving a hint of support. It's just what you need to lounge around the house, and if you plan on venturing out, a denim jacket or blazer thrown on top is all you need for a smart look.


A Tee With Pockets

A flowy t-shirt with a pocket for holding car keys and any other small essentials? Perfect for a day on-the-go. It's hard to tell by looking, but this shirt has a discrete opening on the breast.


A Printed Crossover

The wrap-front bodice on this printed shirt can be pulled to reveal an underlayer for nursing anywhere. It's made from a jersey-knit rayon for a bit of stretch and it also comes in solid black if that's more your thing.


A Beachy Button-Up

Even when you're done breastfeeding, it still may be the comfiest shirt you own. This timeless button up is available in both white and soft pink and is made of a buttery soft blend of modal and polyester. You'll love wearing this whether you're pregnant or nursing.


A Classic Stripe

This drape-front nautical stripe shirt comes in either gray or blue stripes. The tulip hem lays smoothly over pants and the lift-up access makes nursing no biggie, even if you forget the blanket.


A Day-To-Night Look

Chic and functional, this nursing top can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with. The deep V-neck and wrapover top is ideal for breastfeeding, plus the stretch viscose and wider sleeves make for a comfy fit.


An Asymmetrical Fit

I love the unexpected silhouette of this crossover wrap style which isn't quite a tank nor a tee, but somewhere in between. Available in white, black, and blue, you may just want to purchase all three.


A Hidden Zip

A hidden zipper across that opens vertically across the bust makes for easy nursing access in this A-line cotton shirt. Tuck it in or wear it loose, you'll be reaching for this one again and again.


A Clean Tee

Whether you're breastfeeding or not, sometimes you just want to throw on a white tank and call it a day. This one has wider straps plus a hidden V-shaped zipper.


A Graphic Tee

Sometimes you need to remind yourself (and other moms who pass you on the street) that, "Damn! You're a good mother!" as this comfy tee with hidden nursing access reads. Plus, 10% of sales go to Kvinna till Kvinna, a global organization that strives to protect women from violence in war- and conflict- affected countries around the world (including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the South Caucasus.


A More Formal Option

Whether you have a date night planned or a more formal event, you're still going to want to wear pumping or nursing-friendly clothes. This elegant shirt with mesh sleeves is designed to fit from pregnancy through breastfeeding.


The Coziest Shirt

Whether you're on-the-go or lounging at home, chances are you're going to want to be in this top. It unzips fully, but you can also undo just the top button if you're looking for a more discrete option.


A Sustainable Fabric

Available in black or white, this super soft tank is made from bamboo. It's lightweight and breathable with an under layer for easy feeding.


A Crisp White Shirt

Feel instantly pulled together in this crisp white shirt, made mostly of cotton with a hint of spandex for stretch. A wrap style is a cornerstone of nursing dresses, but it works just as well in a shirt form.


A Lived In Tee

You'd never know just by looking, but this soft t-shirt has a hidden layer for full coverage while you feed. This is one of those items you'll wear for years after your pregnancy.


Not Basic Black

Ideal for pregnancy and post, this black shirt has a crossover top which can be pulled to the side for nursing. The empire waist and longer length give this rayon/spandex shirt an upgrade from just basic black.


A Blazer-Like Shirt

This bold-patterned button-down is a blazer-like shirt made from cotton. You can use it as an outer piece for cooler days, but it stands up as a top on it's own. Buttons down the front provide easy access to your breasts for nursing.