the new breyer horse styling head
Samantha Darby/Romper

Now The Breyer Horses You Loved Have Beautiful Manes Kids Can Brush

Remember how much fun it was to play with Breyer Horse figurines? In terms of horse toys, the only thing that My Little Pony had over Breyer Horses was that you could brush their tail and mane. Well, that's now a non-issue thanks to the new Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Heads, because it has a mane you can brush and deck out in barrettes, braids, and beads.

The toy, which will be available in July, is basically a horse head with a long mane which comes with a book of styling tips and ideas, rubber band/hair ties, a brush, spiral hair accessories, and barrettes. There are also three styles to choose from: a brown horse with a black mane, a white horse with a white mane, and a brown horse with a blonde mane.

The classic Breyer Horses have always been a fun staple for little kids who want a pony, but whose (smart) parents refuse to buy them a real one. If you were a kid in the 1990s, you probably remember playing with these figures either by themselves or pairing one with your favorite Barbie so she could "ride" it. But while you could change out Barbie's outfit and tie her hair back for the occasion, you could never glam up your Breyer Horse because the entire toy was made of plastic.

Samantha Darby/Romper

The traditional Breyer Horse figurines of today are still the same style as the ones from the 1990s, which means their manes and tails are hard plastic. Why mess with a winning formula?

Samantha Darby/Romper

Still, these fun styling heads give little kids the chance to make their proper show horse look a little less formal and a lot more fun. There's no doubt these toys will be flying off the shelves come July.