Brock Turner's Victim's Sister Wrote A Heartbreaking Impact Letter


We've heard about this young woman before. She was there the night Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman by a dumpster outside a frat party at Stanford University. She was not a witness, but she was invested. Because that unconscious woman was her older sister. And she had been the one to coax her into joining the party that fateful night that changed so many people's lives. Her own included. The sister of Brock Turner's victim penned an impact letter to Turner, and her words are truly heartbreaking.

Brock Turner was found guilty of three felony counts of sexual assault by a jury. For these crimes, he has been sentenced to just six months in jail. He will most likely only spend three months in jail, according to the Independent, which is one month for every act of sexual assault. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky felt that the sentence fit the crime based on letters from Turner's friends and family, as well as his young age.

Perhaps he should have given more credence to the two victim impact letters we have seen so far. The now-famous 12-page letter the victim read aloud to Turner, and this letter from her younger sister.  

Here is an excerpt from that letter.

CNN managed to obtain this letter as well as other court documents. According to these documents, the victim's sister had already rebuffed Turner twice on the night of the assault before he decided to go after her intoxicated sister. The sister referred to him as "aggressive," according to CNN, and testified that he had tried to kiss her. The prosecution noted that "This behavior is not typical assaultive behavior that you find on campus, but it is more akin to a predator who is searching for prey."

Unfortunately for the victim and her sister, he found his prey.

But the woman he chose as his prey seems to be a survivor. If you haven't read her letter (which was released by BuzzFeed), please do. For now, here is a tiny excerpt.

I think the victim's sister said it best in her closing remarks to Brock Turner in her letter.

“The only sorrow I feel for you is that you never got to know my sister before you assaulted her. She’s the most wonderful person in the world."