These Headphones Help Protect Your Kids' Ears *&* Keep 'Peppa Pig' Away From Yours

I always go back and forth about my kids using headphones because of the potential hearing damage that can ensue if they listen too loud for too long. I mean, kids aren't known for being able to choose between normal audio and extra super loud. BuddyPhones Cosmos headphones might be the answer to keep kids' ears protected. They're the first active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones with multiple listening settings designed to fit a kid's lifestyle.

My kids always want their stuff to feature fun characters and bright colors — their lunch boxes, backpacks, shoes, and more sport designs that just scream kid-friendly. Just like my kids' favorite accessories, the Cosmos headphones feature designs they'll, whether your child is into ferocious dragons or funky unicorns.

When a kid loves the way something looks, they're more likely to use it, and you definitely want your kids using these headphones thanks to the safety features built right into the set. Retailing for $100, each pair of Cosmos — which recently debuted at CES — combines the benefit of noise-cancelling technology with volume controls that prevent your children from listening to sounds so loud that they may cause damage to their hearing.

Each pair of headphones has three settings that can be utilized for different listening scenarios. In travel mode, the maximum sound frequency allowed is 94 decibels, suitable for long flights and road trips where background noise may impact the ability to hear. Alternatively, for use when not traveling, you can select either kids mode (up to 85 decibels) or toddler mode (up to 75 decibels) depending on your child's age. This allows your child to use their headphones at a volume level that is deemed safe for their age group. While other headphones have volume control limits, these pre-set modes are unique to Cosmos and provide parents with ample peace of mind that their child isn't being exposed to harmful noise levels.

These headphones are also 100% wireless and use Bluetooth technology to connect to your kids' devices. They also work without a battery connection, staying charged for up to 18 hours of use, which could come in handy on your next family vacation.

The Cosmos headphones come with the patented BuddyCable audio sharing system which allows users to connect their headphones to the same device as others and listen in simultaneously. This is fantastic news for parents of siblings who fight over the singular headphone jack on an iPad, because with the BuddyCable they can both link up to the same device and listen to their favorite songs, movies, and shows together.

Romper Managing Editor April Hussar modeling a pair of unicorn Cosmos Headphones at CES 2020.

Keeping a pair of headphones in good shape as a kid seems almost as impossible as keeping your favorite pair of black pants free of dryer lint — the struggle is real. While your pants may be forever doomed to succumb to stubborn lint, the Cosmos headphones come with several features that help ensure that your kids can be kids without sacrificing their favorite pair of headphones in the process. The foldable design, hard-sided carrying case, anti-allergenic ear pads, and super durable construction of the housing and headband helps give me peace of mind that this particular pair of headphones will likely hold up to most anything my boys have in store.

At the time of this writing, Cosmos headphones are currently still marked "coming soon" on the BuddyPhones website, but when the product officially launches late January, you can purchase a pair for your kids on the BuddyPhones website or on Amazon.