Bugaboo Is Coming Out With An Infant Car Seat & It's A Game-Changer

This collaboration is a real Dutch treat: Amsterdam-based mobility brand Bugaboo has partnered with another company based right in the city of canals and delicious beers, award-winning baby specialists Nuna, to produce a new car seat, the Bugaboo Turtle car seat by Nuna. This first-ever car seat from Bugaboo is seriously exciting news from the brand, given that it first entered the American lexicon thanks to Sex and the City and quickly became a favorite of everyone from celebs to the country club-carpool mom down the street — heck, even Kate Middleton has been seen pushing the royal progeny in a Bugaboo pram — so to have an entire travel system from the brand is a Very Big Deal.

For what it's worth, Nuna's no slacker on the celeb cred front either, with stars like Gwen Stefani, Kourtney Kardashian and Miranda Kerr favoring products from its line, according to Forbes. And let's get real here, when it comes to their babies, A-listers aren't choosing products just because they look cool or they have a price tag we mere mortals will find eye-popping: They're looking for superior performance, just like we are. Given that Bugaboo and Nuna are both award-winning baby product companies, the travel system that results when you pair the new Turtle car seat with the beloved Bugaboo Fox stroller performs like a champ. The last thing you want as a parent is a lot of fumbling around getting your car seat in and out of the car and the stroller, especially if you're a first-timer, and Bugaboo, specialists in "smart simplicity," have this on lock with transitions that are smooth as silk.

As the parent of older children, I can tell you war stories about hauling around my car seat (which I could swear practically dislocated my shoulder with its heft on a number of occasions, even without the baby in it); my right arm remains 2 inches longer than my left to this day. If only I'd had the Turtle back then — not only does it weigh in at just under 9 pounds but it also features a specially-designed ergonomic handle, making it a breeze to maneuver and carry; the weight limit is a solid 32 pounds. Although it's light in weight, it doesn't skimp in its construction: It's incredibly thoughtful and full-featured, with safety elements including a 5-point harness; a true lock base and load leg that provide for foolproof in-vehicle installation; and a patented system for side impact security that has already earned it a a "best" crash protection rating from Consumer Reports.

Speaking of getting it into the car, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly half of all child safety seats are installed incorrectly, but the Turtle eliminates that issue, boasting 100 percent safe installation in seconds, every time. Plus, for you city parents, the Turtle includes a European belt path for added safety — this is what lets you put the shoulder part of the seatbelt behind the car seat so you can travel without the base when you're Ubering or taking a taxi.

While on the go, your baby will recline in the kind of comfort you'll wish you were lounging in rather than running all those errands around town. Seriously, this car seat is equipped with an adjustable head support, an all-weather merino wool insert that's removable when the weather warms up and washable in the event of an, um, indiscretion, and a UPF 50+ ‘smart visor’ to envelop the little one in a cocoon of quiet. Naturally, the canopy has Bugaboo's signature "peek-a-boo" window.

Finally, so that you know, you'll look stylish with this set-up, too. The Turtle and the Fox together are black with white trim... quietly classic, and like all things Bugaboo, if it's white, it has a function — so, for example, the button that tightens the harness, those that recline the seat, etc.? Those are white. So many things in BabyWorld feature screaming primary colors and crazy patterns, and that's all well and good — we'd do anything for our kids, right? But this travel system is styled for you, and it announces that your good taste did not leave your body when you were delivered of your baby's placenta.

The only drawback you might find with the Turtle is that the built-in adapters enable it to couple only with the Fox. Also, Bugaboo products are far from the most cost-effective selections you can make. However, if, like so many other moms, you've fallen in love with the brand, and by all means if you already have or have your eye on a Fox, this might just be the car seat you've been waiting for. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna hits the market on June 3 and will retail for $349, which includes both the car seat and the base.