When You Buy A Hugs N' Hope Bear, Build-A-Bear Will *Give* One To A Kid In Need

Build-A-Bear Workshop is having a promotion — those are big words, I know — but this isn't just any promo. This special offer from Build-A-Bear actually gives back in a really sweet way. Starting this week, the new Build-A-Bear Hugs N' Hope Bear will donate furry friends to kids in need. When you make a purchase of the brand new bear, Build-A-Bear will donate a cute cuddly bear to children who could really use a little comfort companion.

In 1997, Build-A-Bear founded the Build-A-Bear Foundation to help bring some cheer to children in hospitals and foster care. Since then, they've also partnered with some great causes like the Canine Companions for Independence — an organization that provides service dogs to those in need, free of charge — and with The American Red Cross, which provides disaster relief and other life saving services. Since Build-A-Bear believes in the power of having a furry friend by your side, they're offering to donate one whenever you make a purchase of their new Hugs N' Hope Bear. This brand new teddy bear will allow "Build-A-Bear fans the chance to help share comfort and hugs with children in need," noted the brand's rep. Not only is it such a great cause, but it also gives parents the opportunity to teach kids about kindness, generosity, and compassion, as well as gratitude. And the super cute snuggly bear doesn't hurt either.

If you're ready to do some good, this new Hugs N' Hopes Bear retails for just $24 and the "get-a-hug, give-a-huge" offer will only continue while supplies lasts, so you have to get yours soon. Of course, just like the rest of his furry companions, you can customize this Hugs N' Hope Bear as much as you'd like with clothing, costumes, shoes, and accessories like bows, Easter baskets, or even a Happy Birthday cupcake. You can even personalize with different scents and sounds. I mean, who couldn't use a cotton candy smelling teddy?

So if you're looking for a gift that gives back, making a purchase that brings more happiness into the world is never a bad thing. Plus, teaching your kids to give back to those in need and be grateful for all that they have is really important. The Vancouver Psychology Centre wrote about the science behind teaching kindness to kids in an article on their website, and there are a ton of psychological benefits to teaching your kids about kindness. In fact, the Vancouver Psychology Centre called kindness a superpower. Helping your kids practice gratitude has lasting effects and "what research tells us is, grateful kids have been known to deliver reciprocal prosocial kind acts naturally," noted the article.

So it's no surprise that giving is an act of kindness that helps kids in the long-term. In fact, "part of why giving feels good to our kids is because we know they’re lifting someone else’s spirits," according to the Vancouver Psychology Centre. Kids who give are more likely to think about it and be more giving in the future. So be sure to spread a little cheer and check out this new cuddly Hugs N' Hope bear at Build-A-Bear before they run out.