Two girls in Build-A-Bear Apparel Sweatshirts
Build-A-Bear Apparel

Build-A-Bear Just Launched A Cute Line Of Comfy Clothes For Kids

Visiting Build-A-Bear is like a childhood rite of passage. Kids love watching their little critter come alive and dressing them up, too. If your kid asks to visit the iconic store every birthday, holiday, and every other chance they get, then they will be pleased to know that the company just launched its Build-A-Bear Apparel line for kids.

In this new line, Build-A-Bear offers a full-on collection of clothing that will fit kids ranging from toddlers to teens. They are marketing it as a brand for girls (translation: there's a lot of pink involved), but there's no reason why all kids shouldn't feel empowered to wear these colorful pieces if they choose. The clothing collection is currently comprised of leggings, t-shirts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts — comfort is obviously a key theme here.

To streamline your shopping experience, you can search for items by Build-A-Bear characters like Bearnice, Pawlette, Catrina, and Catlynn. Or if you’re craving camo, you’ll find some options to choose from. The line also offers clothing inspired by Kabu, a Build-A-Bear lifestyle brand that’s all about kindness and friendship. It’s kind of a cross between what you’d find at Children’s Place and Justice.

Above all, comfort is key with the Build-A-Bear Apparel collection. The clothing is made from cotton and spandex to offer enough stretch so that your kid’s gear works (and plays) just as hard as your kid does. And it’s bright and vibrant with colors that just make you happy looking at them.

Now, if you’re going to wear Build-A-Bear-branded clothing, you probably want the world to know about it. That’s why this warm Bearnice Club Hoodie made with cotton and French terry knit is a must-have. Although it has an adorable design with the bear peeking out from behind the K in Kabu, it’s not too cartoonish.

The Kabu cap sleeve shirt features Catrina, one cute (and cool) little kitty. She’s wearing her signature heart-shaped glasses, and her name is spelled out all sparkly in gold letters underneath.

Friends fur-ever! All of the cute characters from the Kabu Crew join in one busy print to make the Club Leggings eye-catching.

These camo-printed legging might look a little bit busy, but they really are versatile and will go with anything. It's also one of the few pieces from the collection that doesn't have any characters on it and is available in pink or turquoise.

The Pawlette hoodie can be worn everyday and features their sweet and shy little bunny. Get the matching sweatpants ($25) if your kid is the matchy-matchy type.

Some days, your kid might be feeling like a Pawlette. Other days, they might be Catrina. The I KABU Interchangeable Kabu Wooly Sweat ($35) has four interchangeable patches that your child can swap out depending on the day—and mood. Or, if they're the type to wear their heart on their sleeve, they can rock the heart patch instead.

The Build-A-Bear Apparel collection is a fun way for the biggest Build-A-Bear fans to rock their favorite characters on their clothes. Don't be surprised if they insist on accessorizing their look with with their favorite stuffed toy.