In a recent Instagram post, Busy Philipps shared the letter her daughter wrote to E! after the netwo...
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"You Suck": Busy Philipps Shares Note Her Daughter Wrote E! After Cancelling Her Show

by Morgan Brinlee

As 2019 drew to a close, one very busy actress took her Instagram followers on a trip down memory lane with a series of "#almostgrams," otherwise known as things that almost, but ultimately didn't, become posts on the social media network. In one "#almostgram," Busy Philipps shared a letter her daughter wrote E! after the network cancelled her late-night talk show Busy Tonight.

"Right before the show was finished, I found a letter my daughter wrote to E! and I feel like as this year is almost over, the decade is closing, it's the right time to post the letter," Philipps wrote in an Instagram post shared Wednesday. Photos Philipps shared of the letter show it was written by her now 11-year-old daughter Birdie in early May.

"To E!," the letter begins. "You are the worst TV network. EVER." While Birdie listed the network's decision to cancel her mother's show as the number one reason why E! is the worst TV network ever, she also condemns it for causing people to lose their jobs. "My mom does work much harder than you so you don't [deserve] her," Birdie's letter read. "She will find another place to do her show when it becomes popular she will shove it up your a**."

In Wednesday's Instagram post, Philipps also opened up about how devastated she'd felt by E!'s decision not to renew Busy Tonight. "I did what anyone would do," Philipps wrote. "I sat in the lobby of the hotel in Dallas and ordered three tequilas and called [friends and family] and I cried." Philipps said she'd felt particularly "blindsided" by the news as the then head of E! had recently been texting her about marketing ideas for the show.

While Philipps didn't comment on her daughter's reasoning for naming E! "the worst TV network ever," she did acknowledge that her daughter was right about one thing. "My girl knows something about her mom," Philipps wrote. "I work hard AF and love to prove people wrong."

And according to Philipps that's exactly what she's been doing since E! opted to drop Busy Tonight from its lineup back in May 2019. "It all started to become clear and I knew things were going to be better than fine," Philipps said of her eventual acceptance of the show's cancellation. Although it remains unclear if Phillips has found a new home for her late-night talk show or thrown herself into a new project completely, she teased fans Wednesday by revealing that she'd finally be able to share what she'd been working on in 2020.