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Caila's Instagram & Twitter Reveal That The 'Bachelor' Contestant Actually Does Have A Vulnerable Side

Episode six of The Bachelor was not exactly a celebration of piña coladas and limbo contests. Turning the peaceful island upside down with girl drama and swimming pigs, the dramatic Bahamas episode saw not one, but two of the girls sent home. Would-be villain Olivia Caridi was left standing heartbroken on a sandy beach partway through her two-on-one date with Ben — then Leah Block was sent home after she snuck into Ben's suite to do a little trash talking about frontrunner Lauren Bushnell. But one of the quiet surprises of the episode was Caila Quinn, whose Instagram and Twitter prove that the bachelor's concerns about her openness to love might have been totally unwarranted.

On her second one-on-one date with earnest hunk Ben, Caila coolly revealed she "might be falling in love with Ben and was really worried she might hurt him." Which had Ben going all, "Whaaa?" That's not the way this works, right? Bachelor Ben gets to break hearts, not the other way around! Who is this mystery woman, and is she really all that impervious to the wear and tear of a made-for-TV relationship... or does she just know how to play the game of love like a total boss?

Let's take a look at her social media profiles to find the answer and more about the perpetually cheerful Bachelor contestant:

Her Heart Will Go On & On

So, here we see evidence that Caila, indeed, might have a heart. Or at the very least, is aware that hearts are a thing and might be curious about what hers has to say.

Rubber Duckies Are Clearly Hilarious

That laugh of hers seems genuine enough to me. Her eyes are doing that not-so-flattering crinkle thing that fake laughers generally try to avoid. Would a woman-not-in-love be able to fake that?

She Likes Pictures Of Fattening Food

But is she eating that? My intuition — which is female and therefore trustworthy — tells me she ate at least part of this meal. I sort of wish we had a picture of her eating it for proof, but I think we can believe she eats like this. What does this prove? Not much, except that she's got good taste... in food. And anyone with good taste in food probably has good taste in general. Something tells me she and Ben would be able to connect over a good meal like this.

She's Not Afraid To Bare A Little Skin

If Caila is unafraid of snapping cute pics on the beach in her adorable bikini, she's probably pretty cool with the idea of opening up to love and being — how did you put it, Ben? Vulnerable. Because really, is there anything scarier than bathing suit season?

She Can Take The Heat

When dudes were telling their wives, "Oh yeah honey, I would send that Caila packing for being too confusing", Caila was all like, "Whatevs", and totally showed that she could confront her supposed "flaws" head on. Doesn't that prove that she's okay being vulnerable? Doesn't it, BEN?

She's Into Beyonce

This doesn't necessarily prove anything, but it should pretty much tell us all we need to know about her in general, right?

She Doesn't Hate On Other Chicks

Because nothing is worse than being one of those girls who is all about the guys. Support your ladies, am I right? Ben might be looking for someone who can "open up" to him emotionally, but I think what's more important here is that she's okay being surrounded by other girls and won't smack them down just to earn his favor.

She's Cultured

She uses a saucer. My Nana would have loved her. And she knew a thing or two.

She Really Might Be Looking For Love

I don't know guys. This seems pretty genuine to me. And vulnerable. So she's not throwing herself at Ben like someone else I could mention. (Cough, cough. Olivia.) Maybe she's just a regular human girl who likes a cute boy and hopes it works out. She's got me convinced — hopefully she has Ben convinced deep, deep down, too.