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Cameran Eubanks’ Fans Keep Asking If She’s Going To Breastfeed, So She Gave Them The Perfect Answer

Cameran Eubanks has no time for anyone's nonsense. Because she's pregnant, and she's hungry, and she simply does not want anyone getting on her back with their nosy questions about what she's going to do when the baby arrives. The Southern Charm star has had it up to here with people nagging on her, and she's got a whole lot of well-warranted sass bottled up, ready to go off. In an absolutely perfect video, Eubanks says she's done with people asking if she'll breastfeed. And honestly, this should be required watching for every person who thinks they should have a say on how a woman will feed her baby.

Eubanks and her husband, camera-shy anesthesiologist Jason Wibley, are expecting their first child (a daughter) in November. Eubanks has been her usual, gregarious self when it comes to talking about her baby, telling People in June that she is nervous her past will come back to haunt her as a mother:

I was such a bad child. I’m hoping she doesn’t turn out like me. I gave my mom hell — talked back, snuck out of the house. I was really bad. It’s part of the reason why I delayed having children!

But don't confuse her natural frankness with an invitation to poke your nose into her business, y'all. Because apparently these incessant questions about breastfeeding, according to Eubanks Instagram video, "are about to drive me to drink."

Eubanks continued in the video:

If I get one more message about whether or not I plan on breastfeeding my child... I'm going to delete my Instagram account forever.

She explains exactly why she's fed up with the questions, and someone needs to make a t-shirt with this on it right now.

First of all, it's none of your dang business how I plan to feed my child.

Eubanks did go on to explain that she is, indeed, planning to breastfeed her daughter, just so people would "shut their yappers." But if breastfeeding doesn't work out? She's got it covered, according to the Instagram video.

If it doesn't work, I will then pump. And if the pumping doesn't work, then I will happily stick a bottle of formula in my baby's mouth and she will turn out just fine.

If the formula somehow doesn't work out? She's got a brilliant plan for that too.

Then I will go to Chick-Fil-A, and get a number three Value Size, put that in a blender, and spoon feed her. And I'm fairly certain she's gonna like that, because it's pretty much the only thing she's been eating for the past nine months anyway.

Initiate slow-clapping sequence now.

Eubanks is right; far too many people feel as though they've been somehow deputized to ask pregnant women about their personal choices. There's something about having a human inside your belly that encourages people to get nice and comfortable up in your personal space. Even strangers seem to lose their sense of decorum. While many moms might be less than comfortable going extra hot and spicy like Eubanks, perhaps it's time they should. Or at least, just jot down a few one-liners from her epic smack down video.

As Eubanks begins the home stretch of her pregnancy, chances are she's going to start getting tired. Motherhood was a tough decision for her, as was well-documented on Southern Charm, and it seems she's worked through some serious emotional baggage to get to a place where she's feeling calm and excited about bringing a baby into her family.

So let's not poke the bear, folks. Lay off the questions and let the woman enjoy a few months of peace and quiet... and several Value Meals from Chick-Fil-A.

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