Can Babies Play In The Snow? As Long As The Weather Isn't Too Frightful

One of the joys of parenting is the chance to introduce your child to all the beauty of the natural world. And in the wintertime, few things are more magical than the sight of gently falling snow. Of course you want your little snow angel to enjoy this precipitation as soon as possible, but in a safe way. Can babies play in the snow, and what wintry precautions should you take with your little one?

First, it's smart to think about the cold from your baby's point of view. As noted by Cambridge University Hospitals, infants are not able to regulate their body temperature as well as adults, and so they may get too cold more quickly than you. So even if you're comfortable outside, your baby may be freezing. This does not mean your baby has to stay inside all winter long; it's just something to keep in mind.


As with many things, moderation is a good idea when it comes to snow and babies. According to Baby Center, it's safe to take your baby out in snowy weather for quick walks, provided the weather and temperature are rather mild. This will help your little one gradually get accustomed to the sight of snow. That said, it's also smart to know how to dress your little one for winter weather (layers and a waterproof jacket are a good call). Monitor your baby when he's out in winter weather to make sure his mittens are still warm enough and his nose hasn't gotten too red, as suggested by Kids Health. For most babies, a few minutes of outdoor time in the snow is plenty.

If your baby wants to get more hands-on with the snow, then there are some ways to let him safely explore the cold stuff. Touching snow on the ground with a gloved hand is safe, as noted in Our Everyday Life, and it gives your baby a chance to interact with this fascinating part of her environment. And, if the weather outside is too frightful for your baby to endure, then you can always bring in a container of snow for your baby to enjoy indoors, as suggested in Play Dr. Mom. Then your baby can enjoy the stuff for as long as it lasts in your warm home.