Why You Need Lube For Postpartum Sex

A new mom has a lot to focus on, so it's understandable that sex would be the last thing on her mind after having a baby. As she starts to heal and the weeks pass by, however, the topic of having sex will come up again. And with that comes a number of questions, including if will hurt and how to address potential dryness. Lube is a great way to curb several of those sex-related concerns postpartum, but you may wonder "can I use lube after pregnancy?" And if so, when?

In general, lube is safe during pregnancy but often not needed. After pregnancy, however, is a totally different story. In her interview with Parents, maternal fetal medicine specialist Dr. Loralei Thornburg said that lube is important postpartum. This is when most women, especially breastfeeding moms, experience some sort of vaginal dryness or irritation that make lube a necessity. Incorporating this ingredient into your routine can help ease discomfort or dryness that can accompany sex after pregnancy, especially during those first few times jumping back into bed together.

It is important, however, to remember that it's safest to wait at least six weeks post-baby to have sex. This includes anal sex or any penetration whatsoever. This also applies to putting unnecessary products, including lube, on your vagina while it's healing. According to What to Expect, postpartum intercourse can leave you susceptible to infection if you haven't gotten the OK from your doctor. So it's a good idea to avoid doing or using anything that's not necessary down there until you've been cleared.

Once you have been cleared to have sex again, Allina Health suggested using a water-soluble lubricant for intercourse. Because water is about as natural of an ingredient as you can get, water-based lubes are much gentler on your skin. Additionally they're easier to clean up, according to Astroglide, and don't compromise the integrity of condoms.

So when you're ready to have sex again after pregnancy, you may want to pick up a bottle of a safe, water-based lube. It could aid in a smoother transition back into your sex life.