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So, Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Son Can Basically Rule The World

Baby Sussex has arrived and while most fans are eager to learn the child's name, others are focused on whether he'll have a title, and what it'll be. While some reports have suggested the baby won't get a prince or lord title, American royal fanatics have another kind of title on their minds. Following the child's birth, royal-obsessed folks in the United States are probably wondering if Meghan Markle's son could be president in the U.S. if he ever wanted to pursue a life in politics. As it turns out, Baby Sussex has some unique qualifications.

The short answer: Prince Harry and Markle's child has the right to become the British King and the president of the United States, according to Tatler, which reported that he's the first person with the right to be both.

Baby Sussex is automatically a British citizen because of his parents' citizenship status and the fact that he was born in the United Kingdom, according to The Daily Express. But he is also automatically an America citizen, too, provided Markle didn't give up her American citizenship, as Tatler noted.

As a natural-born citizen of the United States, as the Daily Mail reported, Baby Sussex would be eligible to run for president upon turning 35, of course. In order to officially obtain U.S. citizenship, however, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have to report Baby Sussex's birth to an American consulate, according to Tatler, which noted that tax implications could prevent the pair from doing so.

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It's unclear if the Queen has decided to bestow a prince title upon Prince Harry and Markle's child; according to E! News, their son does automatically get one title, though, and he could be known as the Earl of Dumbarton, because the first son of a duke is allowed to use one of his father's lesser titles as his own.

Prince Harry was named Earl of Dumbarton, along with his Duke of Sussex title, on the day of his wedding to Markle. The baby will also eventually inherit the Duke of Sussex title from his father, according to E! News, which also noted that the only way for Prince Harry's child to ever automatically inherit the title of prince, Prince Charles would have to become king, making his father the son of a monarch. The Queen can bestow this title upon their son, as Newsweek reported, as she did with Kate Middleton and Prince William's sons and daughter.

Prince Harry announced the arrival of the royal baby on Monday, telling reporters he and Markle were "still thinking about names," according to TODAY. He added that they would be addressing the press as a family of three in "two days' time," which would be Wednesday, May 8, so mark your calendars!

It's been widely speculated that the couple will announce the child's name during that appearance, though Prince Harry did not say as much. His title, if he has one, could also be revealed at that time. The wait could be longer, though. According to TODAY, Prince William and Middleton waited two days to share Prince George and Princess Charlotte's names, and four to reveal Prince Louis'.

Prince Harry and Markle's child probably won't run for office in the United States one day, but it would surely be an interesting race if he did. Royal fanatics will just have to settle for watching him grow and step into whatever role he's given in the royal family.