How To Use Boomerangs In Your Instagram Gallery

Instagram is even better than it was before. On Wednesday, the app unveiled its newest update — galleries — which allows for users to share multiple photos at once, in one post. As Instagram lovers are learning how to use this new feature, they'll more than likely have questions. For example, can you add Boomerangs to Instagram galleries?

The newest feature to the app will definitely be getting plenty of use, as it's something for which many seemingly have been clamoring for a while. Galleries allows for Instagram users to share up to 10 photos or videos from their camera roll at once in one handy album, which followers may scroll through horizontally on their feed. It's perfect for sharing those multiple photos from a night out with friends, or special vacation memories in one go. It's simple and straight forward, according to Wired, and it's the perfect way to share photos without bombarding your friend's feeds or having to use a different app, like Facebook to share them. But, the feature is still so new — and people are still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the update on their on phone, so naturally, there have been a few questions.

Luckily, one of the things users won't have to worry about is the state of Boomerangs. (Boomerangs, if you weren't already familiar, are created using the Instagram app and are "mini videos that loop back and forth" — sort of like a gif, according to Apple's app store description.) Boomerangs can be just as easily added to Instagram galleries as any other Insta-post, allowing for users to easily share multiple Boomerangs at once — or seamlessly ease them into their album of party photos.

Boomerangs were introduced by Instagram in 2015, and because galleries allows users to add up to 10 photos and videos — and luckily, Boomerangs count as videos — the features work well hand in hand.

Two years ago, when Instagram introduced Boomerang (an app which is linked to the Instagram app), users were gifted with the ability to take a "burst of photos and stitches them together in a high-quality video that links forwards and backwards," the company explained at the time. They're not quite a photo and not quite a gif — but they can definitely capture some pretty cool moments; Now that you can add them to your gallery, it makes for an even more creative Insta-post.

Users can add Boomerangs to their galleries in the same way that they would add photos to their gallery, by clicking on the stacked photo icon, and selecting up to 10 Boomerangs, photos, or videos saved to their camera roll. Once the photos (or Boomerangs) are selected, according to Instagram, they can be rearranged, be edited individually, or edited all at once. Once posted to your feed, friends will be able to see all of the photos and videos by swiping through them.

Instagram galleries are a great way to share multiple memories and moments at once — and the incorporation of Boomerang certainly helps in terms of keeping users hooked.