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Can You Change From A Midwife To An OB Before Birth? It Won't Be Simple

Giving birth is no easy task, and it's most likely the biggest thing that will happen to you in your life. So basically, no pressure on making sure it all goes according to plan, right? Maybe you had your heart set on a midwife, but realized halfway through your pregnancy that you'd rather have an OB for the big day. Chances like that can seem daunting and overwhelming — can you change from a midwife to an OB before birth, or are you stuck with your original plan, even if you have a totally different idea of what you want your birth to look like now?

Although changing care providers may not sound as simple a task as changing your baby's coming home outfit, it can be done. According to Fit Pregnancy, switching from midwife to OB-GYN happens all the time and can be done by just calling a new provider, explaining your situation, and making an appointment. Though some won't see new patients by a certain week in the pregnancy, you can always call to verify and explain why you're making the switch and why you think this new provider would be right for you. It's all about being your own advocate.

You often hear about moms who have an OB and decide to switch to a midwife for a more hands-off approach to birth, especially if they want a home birth or a more unassisted birth than their OB was willing to give them. But switching from a midwife to an OB before you give birth is more than OK.

According to Birth Without Fear, no matter what provider you're switching to, it's all about finding one who supports you. If you feel safer, more relaxed, and happier with an OB than your midwife, call and make an appointment. Ask your friends for recommendations, do your research, and gather up your records from your current provider to make the switch. You don't have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings — a provider should want you to be comfortable, no matter what, and if you're not comfortable, they should be more than willing to help you reach that point.

Parents noted that a lot of moms may switch from a midwife to an OB if their pregnancy suddenly becomes complicated or if they feel like they need a different approach to giving birth. Many midwives work alongside an OB to make sure you're getting the best birthing experience possible, so talk to your current midwife about your concerns and making the switch — it may be even easier than you think.

It doesn't matter who delivers your baby. As long as you are happy and healthy and both you and your baby's safety are your care provider's number one priority, you should be golden. Even if it means doing a little OB-shopping a few months before you're due.