Mitch Haaseth/ABC

You Could Be Corinne's Next Client

Learning about the careers of the contestants in the Bachelor franchise is always one of the best parts of any given season. The series is known for its eyebrow-raising job descriptions. You're liable to see everything from “Attorney” to “Aspiring Dolphin Trainer” flash across the screen within one pool of contestants. The season’s most talked-about Bachelor contestant, Corinne Olympios, described herself as a business owner during her introduction, explaining that she runs her family’s business. She remained vague about what exactly the company does, leading many viewers to wonder if you can do business with Corinne’s company.

Though Corinne hasn't confirmed the name of her family's company, she has offered up some details about what it does. In an interview with Glamour, Corinne mentioned that the Olympios family's business involves “doing epoxy floorings and roof coatings.” Some internet sleuthing led Romper to deduce that Corinne's company is most likely Armor Garage, a Miami company that someone named James Olympios (who has a relative named Corinne) works for. TMZ also later reported that they'd been told by a source that the company in question is indeed Armor Garage, and that Corinne does work for the company (in the sales department, like she said). Though it's not confirmed, there's a high likelihood that Armor Garage is the correct one.

On the company website, Armor Garage is described as "one of the country's leading supplier [sic] of high performance premium grade epoxy coatings and flooring products." The business also boasts that it is "used and approved by all branches of the US Military, Fortune 500 Companies, US Coast Guard, Work Shops and Home Owners worldwide." Given this, it seems that if you're a home or business owner in need of epoxy flooring, garage flooring, roof coatings, deck coatings, or other specialty coatings and floorings, you can definitely do business with Corinne's company.

Now, whether you'll actually be doing business with Corinne herself – that's another story. Though the 24-year-old businesswoman said in her intro reel that she would be taking over her father's company, her career may change trajectories in the aftermath of her appearance on The Bachelor.

Corinne has been getting a ton of buzz (both positive and negative) and scoring modeling gigs, as indicated by the many recent photo shoot pics that she's shared on her Instagram account. Perhaps Corinne will leave the family business behind and put her efforts into establishing her modeling career. It's a likely possibility, given that, pre-Bachelor, she already had a Model Mayhem profile set up, dating back to January 2014. So maybe you wouldn't be able to work with Corinne directly, but then again, anything is possible.