Can You Enter To Win A Hatchimal? It's The Latest Holiday Craze

If you haven't heard about Hatchimals yet, I'm sure many parents would suggest you've been living under a rock — or in an egg? It's the latest holiday toy craze in which an egg self-hatches, becoming a fury interactive creature that talks and walks. It's undoubtedly the "it" toy this holiday season, and parents are having a hard time getting a hold of the self-hatching toy. The toys have sold out in toy stores across the country, so how in the world can parents land the arguably most coveted toy of 2016? Can you enter to win a Hatchimal? You may be feeling lucky this holiday season.

Hatchimal toys have sold out at notable retailers like Toys "R" Us, and Target. As a result, the toys have been sold at inflated prices on eBay. In fact, Arizona brothers Mike and Stan Zappa, who predicted the toy's popularity back in October, bought $5,000 worth of Hatchimals and have apparently successfully profited. According to TIME, the brothers broke even on their investment by Black Friday, with more toys left to be sold.

But in what's good news for many parents, retailers like Target and Walmart have announced they have new shipments of Hatchimals arriving in stores. As of Thursday, Walmart announced it will sell Hatchimals for $48.88 (plus tax) – less than the toy's normal price of $59.99. And Target announced its stores will begin selling Hatchimals in stores starting Sunday, Dec. 11. But, judging by the many, many parents eager to land a Hatchimal, it's safe to say the fury creatures won't last long on the shelves.

So, if lining up at stores, and anxiously chasing down a Hatchimal isn't your cup of tea, you may decide to rely on some good old fashioned luck.

A number of radio stations are holding contests for listeners to enter to win a Hatchimal. Parents may have luck visiting the websites of their local radio stations to see if they are hosting Hatchimal giveaway contests or sweepstakes.

Social media is also a good resource for parents hoping to win a Hatchimal. People have tweeted and made Facebook statuses announcing they are giving away a Hatchimal toy. The Zappa brothers, for example, even created a Facebook page dedicated to giving away a few Hatchimals to recipients who upload photos and share stories on why they're hoping to land the self-hatching toy. As of Sunday, the brothers noted they have two more recipients to gift toys to.

With just about a week into December, it sounds like it's already been a long holiday season for many parents.