Can You Have Sex During Labor? It Could Be Helpful

Pregnant ladies are sexy, that's a fact. And pregnancy hormones can make you horny. But if that horniness extends to your delivery, you may wonder can you have sex during labor? Although some moms-to-be would probably have a few choice words for anyone suggesting sex in the middle of the birthing process, other women like the idea. After all, it's an experience fueled by high emotions and plenty of hormones. As explained in Today, some couples have been discovered having sex in the labor and delivery ward. So this definitely happens, but is it a good idea?

Although the sex during labor idea does not appear to have an abundance of medical review, there may be some benefits to the practice. According to Ask Dr. Sears, the hormones that are released during sexual encounters may help the mother relax and enjoy the birthing process. And if you don't have the privacy of a home birth, then some kissing or cuddling with your SO may be the next best thing. If nothing else, it may serve as a welcome distraction.

However, there are some caveats about having penetrative sex after your water has broken. In a word: don't. According to the Mayo Clinic, having penetrative sex when you're leaking amniotic fluid may introduce bacteria into your vagina. And this is likely the very last thing you want to risk after being so careful for the duration of your pregnancy.

But as many people know, there is a world of sexual experiences to enjoy outside of PIV, so this may be a good time to experiment with nipple play, manual clit stimulation, or almost anything else you desire. Again, some experiences may be easier or more comfortable if you don't have an audience. On the other hand, you get to call the shots during your own labor, so you do you. If a serious make-out session with your partner is what you need to get through this, then you can ask any squeamish people to leave the room. (Not that anyone with a delicate constitution belongs in a delivery room anyway).