Can You Mute Instagram Stories? The Option Is Strangely Absent


So we've all had a day now since Instagram launched its new feature, Instagram Stories, on Tuesday, the internet has been blowing up with a whole lot of, "How dare you!" Why? Because Instagram Stories is looking kinda-sorta exactly like Snapchat Stories. Which made the internet angry... and you don't want to see the internet when it's angry. But we've all moved on a little, I think, and accepted that Instagram Stories is part of our new reality. So on to the next thing: figuring out if it's what we want. For instance, can you mute Instagram Stories? Because that's a feature users definitely want for their own nefarious reasons.

According to the Instagram blog, navigating Instagram Stories will not only be amazingly fun but as easy as blinking and smiling, basically.

So yes, we all like the idea of sharing little videos and slideshows featuring our favorite people, but what about when we don't want to have to deal with someone else's Instagram Stories?

It looks like at this point, you cannot, in fact, mute Instagram Stories. Which means people should probably brace themselves for a torrential downpour of nature walk videos, slideshows of cats, and travel stories you probably didn't care to see or hear. But the good news is, they only last for 24 hours. I think we can all handle just about anything for 24 hours, right?

While not everyone is on board with the new Instagram Stories, some argue that this new age of storytelling is actually better than Snapchat Stories. Owen Williams of The Next Web pointed out that Snapchat suffered from complaints that regular adults found their system too difficult to navigate;

So now if they could just add a mute button, we would all be sound as a pound.