Here's The Deal With Dramamine & Breastfeeding

I'm one of the unfortunate ones who suffers from motion sickness; I can get it in a car, boat, airplane, or even just from watching a movie. Dramamine is one of those amazing aids that helps me cope with my motion sickness, especially on long international flights, but for moms who are breastfeeding and suffering from motion sickness or nausea, taking any kind of medication can be questionable. So can you take Dramamine while breastfeeding?

What is Dramamine anyway? Bineesh Moyeed, PharmD, tells Romper that Dramamine is an over-the-counter antihistamine, generically known as dimenhydrinate, which is used to help with nausea and dizziness associated with motion sickness, and usually comes in a liquid or as a chewable tablet.

Will it affect your baby? Moyeed says that for breastfeeding moms, Dramamine is safe and it should not affect your baby. She says that because the doses are so small, even if a tiny amount is absorbed into your milk, your baby's own stomach acid will likely destroy any traces.

She does, however, tell breastfeeding moms to be cautious of Dramamine when it comes to milk supply. "Dramamine, like any other antihistamine, can dry you up and reduce milk supply," she notes, "and if taken often, especially if you've just started breastfeeding, it will dry you up fast."

So what's a nauseated breastfeeding mom to do? Moyeed suggests taking Dramamine, just not too often or too much. "It's better to take it in moderation, and only when you need it."

If you're nursing and are about to embark on a long, winding, turning, motion sickness-inducing trip, Dramamine can be a safe remedy, even if you're breastfeeding. Just be sure to take it only as needed, because in large amounts it could reduce your precious milk supply. Knowing how medications affect you and your baby is important, and it's good to know before you go.