Here's What Experts Want You To Know About Using Vibrators In The 2nd Trimester

While a life-changing and incredible experience, pregnancy can be pretty stressful and annoying. And without the option of the typical "vices" some women use to relax (wine), you may be searching for other alternatives to relieve stress and make you happy. Orgasms are well-known stress relievers, as they release oxytocin into your brain, and once that first trimester fatigue fades away, you may be ready to get back to business. But can you use vibrators in your second trimester? Is there ever a time when it’s not safe?

Dr. Leah Millheiser, an OB-GYN and director of the female sexual medicine program at Stanford University Medical Center, tells Romper it’s generally safe to use vibrators throughout your pregnancy, as long as there aren’t complications, such as bleeding issues. “If there are complications of the pregnancy during the first trimester, such as symptoms of a threatened miscarriage, sexual activity, including use of a vibrator, should be avoided. If a woman is put on 'pelvic rest' by her clinician during the latter stages of pregnancy, she should specifically ask if using a vibrator externally (on the clitoris) is still OK,” Millheiser says. “If early cervical dilation has occurred or there are issues with the placenta being ‘low-lying,’ vaginal use of vibrators should be avoided."

What’s the best type of vibrator to use? Well, as far as getting the job done, that’s obviously your personal preference. But as far as safety concerns go, Millheiser says generally, most vibrators are safe to use during pregnancy, as long as you clean them with warm soap and water before and after use. Additionally, Millheiser says, “Never share sex toys during pregnancy as STDs can be transmitted this way.”

Unfortunately, using a vibrator won’t trigger labor if you were hoping to have a pleasurable induction at home. “However, if a woman is already in the early stages of labor, an orgasm may help facilitate the labor process,” Millheiser says. “Sometimes, an orgasm can trigger a contraction, but these [contractions] typically don't last.”

Having orgasms throughout your pregnancy is a great way to relieve stress (thanks oxytocin), and if done with a partner, can encourage emotional intimacy with them — which is especially helpful when you’re getting on each other’s nerves during pregnancy. Plus, because of all that extra blood low down there during pregnancy, your orgasms will be more intense. Have fun.