Candace Cameron Bure Says Her New Cookware Was Created With Your Family In Mind

I had the ultimate 'Oh My Lanta' moment recently when I spoke with Candace Cameron Bure about her new cookware line, CookCraft by Candace. As a kid in the '90s, I watched Bure as DJ Tanner on Full House and wanted to be just like her. I still share the same sentiment today watching her career blossom as a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, actress, and director, as well as hearing her confidence and kindness as she dishes about motherhood, developing a cookware line for her fans, and the end of Fuller House.

“I will never put my name on anything or be associated if I don’t personally use it, and that’s what I’ve been very consistent within my career and everything that I do. So, I really wanted — especially with cooking and pots and pans — a high quality product that would last a long time,” Bure tells Romper by phone. The CookCraft by Candace line features six pots and pans made from tri-ply stainless steel with an aluminum core, each featuring a glass lid that latches onto the side of the pan and silicone handles to help prevent burns. The construction of each pan is built to last, something Bure says was important to her when developing the line.

“This is a product that’s gonna last a lifetime," Bure gushes about the line with enthusiasm. "And I look at it as a product that I’m going to enjoy for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, with my children and that time together. I can pass it along to them if that’s what they want.” As far as the price point ($139-$249 per piece), Bure says the not-so-inexpensive pieces are truly an investment that she designed with her own kids and family (including her sister who she says is a stay-at home and homeschooling mom to five kids), as well as her girlfriends who are working moms, in mind.

Although Bure’s children are older and don't all live at home anymore, she tells me that growing up, her kids were often in the kitchen with her making what she calls "basic, easy meals" like meatloaf, tacos, and lasagna during the infamous break she took from her acting career to be a stay-at-home-mom for 10 years. "Family time together to sit down and have a meal has always been really important. It’s been a staple in our home that we have dinner together as a family. So, the cooking is really the fun part of it — getting to spend more time with your children — and then sitting down and have more conversation," she explains.

Now that she's back to work and busier than ever launching products like her CookCraft by Candace line, acting and directing the fifth season of Fuller House, and starring on The Hallmark Channel's Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series, she admits that her husband (who she calls a "wonderful chef") does more of the cooking in their home, but says that they always make time for the whole family to be together for meals. "Sunday is a huge family dinner day for us where everyone comes over and sometimes friends come over, and we’ve always enjoyed entertaining," she says of her life in the kitchen these days. "Everyone knows the most time you spend in your house when you’re entertaining is in the kitchen cooking."

Bure tells me that friendship and kindness toward others are things she values in her own life. As an outspoken Christian and conservative, finding points of connection with those who don't share her beliefs is something she says can happen over things like cooking and cookware, even when dinnertime conversations turn to contentious topics like politics or religion. "These are things that are bridge-builders that you can have conversations [about] whether you want to talk about those things or you don’t," she explains. "But I think having friendships and relationships, whether they’re business or personal, with people that have different points of view, it helps us grow and it helps us really lock into what we do truly believe."

Bure's friendships with her co-stars on both Full House and now Fuller House have been well-documented over the years, and she dished a bit about what it feels like now that that chapter in her life may be coming to a close as the fifth and final season of Fuller House is currently underway. "It is my favorite job in the world," she tells me. "Fuller House has been such a joy for all of us and I absolutely hate to say goodbye to DJ Tanner all over again and the other characters."

She also hinted that although Netflix has announced this will be the final season of Fuller House, this may not be the last you see of the Tanner/Fuller crew. "You know, I heard John Stamos say recently in an interview that he doesn’t want to let the legacy of this show go down so easily because we know that it’s so loved by many people. So, we hope this isn’t the end, but if it is, as far as Fuller House is concerned in that sense, I’m just enjoying every minute that I get to be on that set and work with my close friends."

As for which Fuller House character Bure thinks would be most likely use her CookCraft by Candace cookware, she says it would be "DJ for sure," noting her perfectionist personality. "She tries to do it all and she’s the one that’s always up making breakfast and cooking dinner for the kids, so that’s an easy answer."

So, if you want to cook like DJ Tanner (because, really who doesn't?), CookCraft by Candace cookware line is now available for purchase online on the CookCraft website, as well as on Amazon and at Macy's.