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Offset Got Cardi B The Most Extravagant "Kulture" Jewelry For Her Birthday

Cardi B and her husband Offset have undoubtedly been super busy since welcoming their daughter this past July. But somehow, between caring for baby Kulture and his busy music career, Offset found the time to pull out all the stops for Cardi B's 26th birthday this weekend. In addition to throwing her a surprise party, Offset got Cardi B an incredible "Kulture" diamond jewelry set honoring their daughter. And yes — the "Bodak Yellow" singer already showed off her new bling on social media.

On Saturday, Cardi B shared a video of Offset's gift on Instagram. The clip starts out with a shot of Cardi's wrist. She's wearing a glimmering diamond charm bracelet with seven charms, spelling out the name "Kulture." And when I say charms, know that these charms are nowhere near as tiny as the ones on any charm bracelet you've ever worn. Each sparkly, diamond-encrusted charm appears to be about the size of a quarter. Yup.

The video then pans over to her other hand, where she shows off her engagement ring and a diamond-faced watch. Cardi has made her love of diamond watches clear in the past. Then, the video pans up, past Cardi's bathrobe and to her neck. Around her neck, she is wearing a charm necklace that perfectly matches her bracelet.

"Thanks hubby @offsetyrn for my necklace and bracelet! I looveee it! KULTURE!" Cardi captioned the video on Instagram. She added a shout out to Pristine Jewelers for "helping hubby out." She must be a big fan (and customer) of the NYC-based jewelers, because on her birthday last week, the store's Instagram posted a few photos and videos of her wearing their jewelry and wishing her a happy birthday.

And because the diamond bracelet, necklace, and surprise party was enough for one husband to give his wife on her birthday, Cardi revealed that the watch was actually a gift from another source. "Thank you @qcmceo_p @coachk44 for my new watch I love it! ❤️❤️❤️" she added. "I'M SO THANKFUL SOOO GRATEFUL!" Based on Instagram, the two people she tagged seem to be from Quality Control Music, the Atlanta-based record label that manages Cardi B.

Cardi has made her love of fancy watches apparent on several occasions in the past. In November 2016, she bought a $100,000 Patek Phillipe diamond watch, a fact that she proudly shared with her social media followers. "A hundred thou on my wrist, b—ch! I'mma show off this s—t till the day I die!" Cardi said in a video for social media at the time, as seen on YouTube. "Donald Trump is our president, our land might depreciate, our money might depreciate, but this right here? I could sell it anywhere anytime!" Not to mention, in her 2018 song "I Like It," she sings, "I like going to the jeweler, I put rocks all in my watch."

Cardi also Instagrammed a video of the moment she walked into her surprise party this weekend, which was held at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles, People reported. "The fact that I avoided eating dinner last night cause babe said we was going to a romantic dinner then BOOM!! 😩😩😩" she captioned the video. "Thank you everybody that showed up to my surprise bday party! It was soo beautiful Thank you babe for the surprise and everybody who was involved!"

It sounds like Cardi had an amazing birthday full of friends, partying, and diamonds — but I have no doubt that she was happy to get home to her baby girl and unwind when the celebration was said and done.