Cards Against Humanity Created A Game Just For Girls

Lady things, am I right ladies? If it's not hot pink and girl-powered, I don't want it. And that's exactly what the makers of the insanely popular Cards Against Humanity card game had in mind when they created Cards Against Humanity For Her. It's 100 percent exactly the same as the standard Cards Against Humanity game — except it comes in a She-Ra pink box and costs $5 more than the regular game. The new Cards Against Humanity fights sexism with the best tools the game creators have: Expertly savage levels of trolling.

Jenn Bane, community director for Cards Against Humanity, said in the greatest press release ever why the company decided to slay the patriarchy one raunchy round of the game at a time.

We decided that hey, it’s 2017, it’s time for women to have a spot at the table, and nevertheless, she persisted. That’s why we made Cards Against Humanity for Her. It’s trendy, stylish, and easy to understand. And it’s pink. Women love the color pink.

The entire marketing campaign for this new limited edition of Cards Against Humanity For Her may as well be a master class in satirical parody by savagely pointing out the myriad of patronizing messages to which women are subjected daily.

Cards Against Humanity For Her brilliantly empowers women by exposing the absurdity of a world where "mansplaining" and the "pink tax" are still an infuriating reality. Even more brilliant than the company's efforts to dismantle sexism one trite patronizing appeal to women at a time is that it's all being done for an exceptionally important cause: All profits from the sale of Cards Against Humanity For Her will go to Emily's List, the organization that works to get progressive women elected into political office. Suddenly that $5 pink tax feels totally worth it.

While the feedback online has been largely positive, not everyone is happy about Cards Against Humanity's latest edition.

It would seem this Twitter user has completely missed the point of everything that Cards Against Humanity For Her both represents and is fighting. Women are bombarded with sexist messaging on a daily basis, and Cards Against Humanity For Her has managed to round up just about all of it to expose it for what it is: Sexist bullsh*t women are tired of having lobbed at them under the guise of empowerment.

On the "frequently asked questions" sections of the Cards Against Humanity For Her website, the answer to "Is this product really necessary?" basically sums up what it's like to be a woman who turns on a TV, opens a magazine, or swipes through Facebook on her phone — so, basically, any woman:

It's adorable. It's cute. Self-care. Take time for yourself. Chia bowl. Perfect on your coffee table or bookshelf. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Brunch. Cheat day. Nasty women. Yaaaaaaaas queen! Good vibes only. Activated charcoal. Gender Reveal Party. Avocado face peels. You're such a Miranda. Paleo.

Even though the Cards Against Humanity For Her set is exactly the same as the regular game with basically a pink box, the words "For Her," and butterflies added to it — all yours for an extra $5 — it's expected to sell out. I, for one, am already whipping out my credit card to buy my own piece of legendary satire. Well done, Cards Against Humanity.