Your Kids Can Get A Big Lesson In Kindness With These Sweet Stuffed Caring Cats

A new line of stuffed animals by educational toy company Chalk & Chuckles is now on sale at Barnes & Noble, and their message of kindness is set to make waves with kids and parents everywhere. Aptly named Caring Cats, these kitties are on a mission to teach kids about important life skills like empathy, support, and generosity — just to name a few. With cutesy names like "ChattyChoo" and "MakerMax," each plush cat is uniquely designed to inspire children to engage in acts of kindness.

According to the company's website, "The Caring Cats are here to help spread the powerful message of kindness and empathy in the gentlest possible way, which is also fun & engaging. They have super care powers — like love, patience, thoughtfulness, joy, and generosity." So, they're toys with the ability to teach my kids how to be better people? Sign me up.

Each Caring Cat features a different skills set that children can relate to and model, as well as note cards and stamp pads to help encourage children to spread words of kindness to family and friends. Through story cards and "kind missions" included with each Caring Cat, children can learn more about each cat and how they can implement certain skills to better their own lives and the lives of others. See for yourself just how adorable Caring Cats are and what they might be able to help teach your child through play.


Armed with her trusty megaphone story prompts, ChattyChoo definitely speaks to my writer self. I'm sure many budding wordsmiths could benefit from her persistence in note writing and sharing happy words with friends.

ChattyChoo's description on Barnes & Noble's website includes a statement from the kitten herself that said, "When the first rays of the sun send the stars to sleep, I start my day by stringing together warm and magical words." She sets a tone of encouragement that can inspire kids to follow suit by writing nice notes of their own to friends and family.


Helpfilli uses her clock keychain to remind kids that there is always time to be kind. She loves being helpful and is happy to do whatever it takes to make someone else's day a little easier. Helpfilli can help your kids by encouraging them to reach out to others in the spirit of helpfulness and spreading kindness.


MakerMax likes to use his tools to do good for others. That includes helping kids learn what they can do to help make others happy. In his Barnes & Noble description, MakerMax said, "I have a Kindalicious recipe that never fails to add glitter, sparkle, and shine! It works its magic on all people, furry friends and places too!"


According to Lotothot, kindness begins in the heart. She may be a small cat, but she has a big heart. This Caring Cat aims to remind children that a caring heart can serve others and do good for the world. "I spend my time juggling between Monday Manners and Thankful Thursdays, and saving Sundays to change the world with one kind act at a time," said Lotothot in the Barnes & Noble description.


GoodyGum always carries her big bag full of treats for others. She seeks to share her generous giving spirit with children by spreading the joy of gift-giving. According to her description at Barnes & Noble, her bag magically never runs out of goodies and giving the gifts found inside creates happiness for the giver. "The more you draw from this bag to give to others, the more happy you feel," GoodyGum said in the description.

While the bag doesn't actually contain anything tangible, the symbol allows kids to learn all about the types of intangible gifts they can give someone — sharing, smiling, and of course, kindness.