Carlin Bates Shares Candid Post About Her 4-Month-Old Daughter's Breathing Problems

by Casey Suglia

In a lengthy and candid Instagram post, UPtv's Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates opened up about her infant daughter's health issues that have led to numerous visits to the hospital, which the new mom called their "second home" lately.

Bates and her husband Evan Stewart welcomed their daughter Layla Rae on Jan. 31, and in her new Instagram post, she shared that "there have been many ups and downs" since then. According to Bates, Layla has had breathing problems since she was born and "episodes of turning blue" when she isn't able to catch her breath. After meeting with specialists, Bates said they were able to determine that Layla has a small hole in her heart.

"The doctor encouraged us not to worry, because they will keep a close eye on it, and our prayer is that this small hole will close itself, as they often do," she wrote. "We then ordered Layla a special sock that monitors her heart rate and O2 levels because this nervous mother couldn't sleep at night!"

But Layla had another scare recently where her O2 levels dropped to 80%. An ambulance arrived, but advised the couple to not bring their daughter to the hospital because of the current coronavirus pandemic, and they were fortunately able to bring Layla's oxygen levels back to normal. The little girl is now on medication after a visit to her pediatrician because doctors told them the episode could have been caused by acid reflux.

Bates recalled this scary experience in a video on her family's channel YouTube channel earlier this month. "It's just really scary," Bates said, breaking down in tears. "I feel like in a flash you realize how fragile life is."

In the video, Bates also said there is still so much unknown about Layla's condition and they're "just going to play this whole parenting thing by ear." In the meantime, Bates' Instagram followers have sent their well wishes to her family during this difficult time. "Praying for little Layla and you sweet mama," one follower commented. "Hang in their Mama! Keep the faith!" another added.

For now, Bates said they she and Stewart can "lean on Jesus" to help them navigate this difficult time for their family. "Although we're still so nervous about the outcomes of everything, I know my God is in control and He's writing our little story," Bates wrote on Instagram. "I am so thankful for His protection over my sweet baby girl. Becoming a mother has grown me in so many ways, and I'm so beyond blessed that God gave me this little girl. We appreciate all your prayers for Layla Rae."