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Carly Waddell Shared An Ultrasound Pic Of Her "Devious" Baby Girl, & *Finally* Reveals Her Due Date

Carly Waddell and her husband, Evan Bass, might not be on Bachelor In Paradise any longer... but it seems they're enjoying a little regular old paradise of their own. After meeting and falling in love for real on the reality series, the couple have since married and are now expecting a daughter. And things appear to be turning out just fine for the new family. Carly Waddell shared an ultrasound pic of her baby girl, and she clearly couldn't be more excited.

Waddell, a singer from Nashville, shared the sweet ultrasound pic of her daughter on Tuesday with the caption:

Our daughter is already devious and uncooperative and standing on her head doing yoga when all we want to do it take pictures of her seems pretty typical of a child made from @theebass and I! Can’t wait til she greets the world! (Also I still barely have a bump....so this pic must do for now!)

She also revealed that the baby is due on Feb. 16, 2018.

Waddell and Bass initially announced they were expecting a baby in August with a statement to People that read:

We are so happy to be expanding our family as we welcome Baby Bass in 2018.

And now we get a first look at the baby via the wonder of technology.

Things have been moving along at rather a breakneck speed for Waddell and Bass ever since they met and got engaged in September 2016 during the Season 3 finale of Bachelor In Paradise. They were wed less than a year later at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where none other than Bachelor host Chris Harrison officiated the intimate ceremony. The couple had a dream wedding, after a whirlwind courtship, as they told People:

There was no better way to celebrate the start of our forever journey together. The setting, in a garden overlooking the ocean, created a stunning visual that I don’t think anyone will forget. Evan’s children delivered heartfelt and hysterical speeches that had everyone laughing and crying simultaneously. The love from Bachelor Nation has been overwhelming and we are so grateful to all who helped make this day amazing.

They also found out Waddell was expecting while on their honeymoon, a big surprise to them both. As Bass explained to Us Weekly:

We were in Mexico and it was actually a few days after our wedding and it was a little Mexican town called Salulita. She was late. I was like, ‘You’re really funny. Let’s go to a Mexican drug store and get a test.’ We go into this drugstore and after she went and took the test and she comes out and was like, ‘I don’t know what that means. It’s in Spanish.’

Newsflash: it meant she was pregnant.

While Waddell and Bass might have been surprised, they couldn't have been happier. Especially considering they found out they were expecting in a location with a special meaning for them both. Bass told Us Weekly:

It was extra special to find out down the street from where we got married, engaged, everything.

This will be the first baby for Waddell and the fourth for Bass; the couple live in Nashville with Bass' three sons from a previous relationship, who are reportedly super excited about being big brothers to a little girl. Bass' three sons were present for the professional gender reveal photo, and all of them looked excited (even the teenager, and that's no small miracle).

After the drama and excitement of being part of the Bachelor juggernaut, Bass and Waddell can now look forward to the relative peace and quiet of raising a little girl. As well as three sons.

They seem up to the challenge.

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