Carrie Underwood revealed on Instagram that her 4-year-old son, Isaiah, thinks she does laundry for ...
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Carrie Underwood's Son Has Some Hilarious Ideas About His Mom's Job... & Age

Although she might be one of the biggest country singers in the world, Carrie Underwood's son thinks she's 70 years old and washes laundry for a living. Maybe it's for the best that he doesn't know she's actually a 36-year-old country music super star. I mean, it's one way to keep her incredibly humble.

Underwood is the mom of two sons with husband, Mike Fisher — 4-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob — and they have no idea that she's famous. She took to Instagram on Thursday to share a super adorable survey that Isaiah filled out all about his mom. There are a few things that the little boy gets right — he knows his mom is named Carrie, has brown eyes, blonde hair, and likes eating healthy, according to Cosmopolitan. He also enjoys watching TV with her and knows that she always says "I love you." Awwwwww.

But there are just a few things that he gets (adorably) wrong. According to the survey, Isaiah thinks that his mom's job is to "wash the laundry" and she is really good at "folding laundry." He also wrote that he thinks she is 70 years old and would want to spend her free time riding horses. That might be the most adorable thing I have ever heard.

Underwood seems pretty OK with her son's judgments. "Soooo... apparently I'm 70 and really good at doing the laundry," Underwood wrote in the caption of the photo, followed by the shrugging and crying while laughing emoji.

Underwood's friends and followers can't get over how funny this is. "Bahahaha," country musician, Miranda Lambert, commented.

But others appreciate that Isaiah views his mom as just a mom — not as a celebrity. "I love that he thinks that's your job... you're his mom doing the laundry and not a famous singer," one commenter wrote. "It means you're definitely doing something right. That makes my heart smile."

"This is perfection!," another commenter added. "I LOVE that we are all in awe of your beautiful voice and talent... your precious boy sees you for the greatest gift of all... his mom. You're most definitely doing it right!"

But she doesn't need her son to keep her from getting a big head — according to the people who know her best, she is always down to earth. In 2018, Fisher took to Instagram to praise his wife for this. "God has given you one of the best voices, crazy work ethic, and platform you've never taken for granted," he wrote. "You've remained humble in all the success and never craved attention or fame one bit."

Whether she's singing on stage, watching TV with her sons, or folding laundry, everyone (including her sons) can see that she'll always stay admirably humble.