It Just Feels Like The Right Time To Dress Babies In $10 Carter's Halloween Costumes

I don’t know about y’all, but right now, I need a little bit of humor and happiness in my life. I need something silly, I need something fun, I need something that doesn't remind me of a global pandemic. And this insane sale on these Carter's baby Halloween costumes are really doing it for me. I mean, why not kid dress as a sloth for 10 hours a day instead of their pajamas?

You don't have to save this for Halloween. These costumes will be perfect for any day, anytime, anywhere — but especially in your own homes while you social distance. Perhaps you’re all feeling a bit sloth-like these days? Maybe you're feeling more magical like a narwhal after weeks of confinement. Whatever your whimsy may be, Carter’s has got you covered with several costumes under $10, including a panda, parrot, narwhal, llama, and sloth look.

If we do actually get to have a Halloween this year, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and buy your baby’s costume now. Just size up obviously, since Halloween is, you know, three months away. (My god, is it coming in three months? I feel like we are stuck in a weird space-time continuum. What is time? What day is it?)

These totally adorable Carter’s costumes are usually $44 a piece, but you can get four for the price of one right now — if you want to change the animal day-by-day. Which I think is a fabulous idea.

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At up to 81% off you can’t not get a sloth costume for your baby for entertainment purposes, y’all. Seriously, why not? Just go for it already. There are no rules. They can be a llama for breakfast, a parrot for lunch, and a sloth by bedtime. It's called being whimsical. It's making lemonade out of lemons. It's a baby costume for less than $10. Let's just go for it.