If You Need Your Kid's Easter Outfit, Carter's Has Up To 70% Off *Amazing* Sets

I don't know about where you live, but here in the south, we do Easter up really fancy. There's Easter, and then "Southern Easter." And a step above that is "Southern Baptist Easter" — trust me. I've been to many an Easter Service growing up, but none were as "big to do" as the ones at a Baptist church. Y'all, all the ladies and young girls had to wear massive hats and lace gloves, and baby girls wore bonnets and frilly dresses. All boys and men wore suspenders, bow ties, and loafers. So enter the Carter's Easter sale for all of you other poor southerners who have to deal with this every Easter Sunday, too. Dressy clothes for babies, toddlers, and children aren't cheap. Throw in adult-size versions and you'll spend a fortune for one Sunday morning.

Thankfully, Carter's has you covered. At least for the baby, toddler, and kid sizes. They're having a great spring sale, and all of the gear fit for Easter Sunday (and yes, even a Southern Baptist Easter Sunday) are up to 70 percent off. They've got boat shoes, bow ties, lacy dresses, suspenders, glittery ballet flats, and even bunny pajamas for those heathens who stay at home on Easter Sunday and enjoy what the Easter Bunny brought. Also no judgement from me, because my family and I are heathens, too. I guess I got my fill when I was a kid. But seriously, check out the Carter's Easter sale — whether you're going to service or want your kids to look cute as they hunt for Easter eggs.