Carter's New Spring Collection Is So Sweet & Timeless

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I will forever dress my babies in Carter's clothing. When the new big kid line launched, I literally almost cried happy tears. (Granted, I was mega pregnant, but still.) There's just something so timeless and sweet about the brand, and Carter's new spring collection isn't any different. If you're looking to throw some whimsy and sweetness into your kid's wardrobe before the neons of summer come barging in, you're at the right place.

My two girls are four years apart, and it's been harder than I thought to find them matching outfits. But (you know where this is going) not with Carter's. This year, their Easter outfits are beyond precious, and I'm literally vibrating with the sensation of eating a thousand peeps topped off with 20 Cadbury Creme Eggs at the thought of my two daughters wearing matching dresses on Easter Sunday. But even if you aren't looking for anything too formal or fancy, there are some super sweet pieces of their spring collection to grab. From My First Easter outfits for the littlest ones, to preppy polos for your little guy, and even Easter jammies, Carter's has really outdone themselves. Now if I could just get some of these prints in a matching mommy size.

(And if you need extra motivation, right now you can get an extra 20 percent off $40 with the code SPRING20.)


My First Easter Jumpsuit

Whether you're dressing them for bed or their first Easter egg hunt, this sweet little romper comes in both blue and pink to properly celebrate your little one's first pastel holiday. The front has a sweet design, but the back of it also features a silhouette of a cute little bunny. My own 5-month-old has this same outfit, and it's super soft and a breeze to snap up. Plus, bunny on the butt. I mean, does it get any better?


Bunny Bodysuit & Tutu Set

OK, my youngest has this and it's the sweetest, most cotton candy pink outfit you've ever seen. I'm not usually big on super frilly pants, but the tutu is really light, and you just can't beat that sweet bunny graphic.


Bunny Zip & Play

This. Print. Y'all. Love the bold graphics, love that pretty spring blue, love the bunny on the feet, OMG. Can you even?


Bunny PJs

And if you want that previous jammie style, but your kid's too big for a sweet little zip and play, there's this version. My 4-year-old has these and she has deemed the pants "the softest ever" so there you go.


Striped Poplin Dress

This dress comes in tons of sizes, which means I have a 5T and a 6-month hanging in my girls' closets right now. Dress it up with a cardigan and some sweet shoes for Easter service or dinner, or make it a little more casual with a denim jacket or even some sparkly slip-on sneakers. This dress is really versatile, and the colors are so fun.


3-Piece Boys Set

OK, I don't have any boys (yet), but if I did, I would be all over this outfit. The preppy style is too cute, but those colors and the sweet little bowtie! Ugh, be still my heart. This is pure Easter perfection.


Striped Piqué Polo

For a casual boy look, there's this adorable polo. The colors scream Easter egg, and I'm officially down for anything cotton that's easy to wear and easy to wash. Especially after an epic Easter egg hunt. (Remind me to tell you about the time my oldest was 2 and literally looked like Tarzan at the end of the night in her brand new pink Easter dress. She was literally missing a strap.)


Floral Dress

My girls also have this dress in each of their sizes because why not, right? The bold florals at the bottom are just so sweet and fun, but the dress is also still really formal and classic. I love it.