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Chelsea Clinton Defends Barron Trump

In the wake of Donald Trump's inauguration as 45th president, many of the online comments seemed to be directed at Trump's youngest son, Barron. During the ceremonies on Friday, Barron's manner and temper seemed to be that of any bored 10-year-old forced to sit through an hours-long ceremony he probably didn't understand (who can't relate to that?). And while some were just trying to keep the mood light, or ease the tension, the comments sometimes became downright ugly. Thankfully, one person who knows the pressures of the spotlight better than most is coming to his aid: Chelsea Clinton this week defended Barron Trump, reminding everyone that kids are kids, and they deserve to be treated as such.

Of course, Clinton remembers well what it's like to grow up in the public eye, more specifically, what it's like to grow up in the White House, with the world criticizing her family while she was just trying to live her life. And while Democrats reaching out to Republicans with a gesture of kindness, and vice versa, is always appreciated, this particular comment stood out for all the right reasons.

In a tweet shared on her official Twitter account early this morning, Clinton wrote, "Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid."

In the midst of a particularly harsh election cycle, with insults being thrown both ways, there has been much to admire about the Clinton family lately. While she was under no obligation whatsoever to do so, Clinton's mom and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended Trump's swearing-in ceremony on Friday, and was a total class act. President Bill Clinton too attended all the typical presidential inauguration events and made nice with the people who once enthusiastically applauded Trump's definition of Hillary as a "nasty woman."

Now, daughter Chelsea is extending that same arm of grace towards the opposing team and standing up for a kid who just found himself thrown into an unfair limelight (even if his reactions to the official swearing-in ceremony were undoubtedly and adorably hysterical).

Clinton also made the point that kindness doesn't equal complacency, and she still very much intended to continue her own political efforts to oppose President Trump. "Standing up for every kid also means opposing @POTUS policies that hurt kids," she added.

No matter what your political leanings, Clinton makes an excellent point for anyone: children, especially those in the public eye, are already under intense pressure to be a certain way. And Barron, most likely, doesn't fully grasp everything that's happening (politics is boring if you're 10, okay?). Instead of being rude or trying to diagnose him (awful), or making nasty comments about him because we don't exactly love his dad's policies, let's just stick to what really matters: Making sure he gets some sort of secret iPhone app to play during the next boring presidential function, without his parents finding out — because, face it, that's the only way any of us are getting through another long day of pomp and circumstance.