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Chelsea Peretti Shared The Most Relatable Pumping Selfie At The SAG Awards

OK, let's be honest: there are few mom sentences less relatable than "I had to pump breast milk at the SAG awards," but for Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Chelsea Peretti, bringing her breast pump to the ceremony was a straight up necessity. That may be something few women will actually ever experience first-hand, but in a behind-the-scenes Instagram post the new mom proved that, Hollywood glitz and glamour aside, the rigors of being a breastfeeding mom really are basically the same for everyone. Chelsea Peretti pumped at the SAG awards, and her story is one that any woman who has ever relied on a breast pump will totally empathize with (right down to the hands-free pumping bra).

Peretti attended the 2018 Screen Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles Sunday night in support of her husband, director Jordan Peele, and his nominated film, Get Out. The only difficulty? The couple shares a 6-month-old son named Beau, according to People, and as any nursing mom knows, anything that involves being away from your child for hours at a time means you'll either have to stop to pump, or endure the misery of engorged, leaky boobs (ack). Peretti actually already had at least a little bit of experience pumping in a fancy gown — she pumped in the bathroom at the Golden Globes earlier this month — but that doesn't mean it went off without a hitch. In her Instagram post, Peretti wrote that she'd actually left part of her pump behind, and that she "had to Uber it from home" in order to get the job done.

Peretti definitely isn't afraid to keep it real when it comes to her life as a mom, and as someone who spent a ridiculous amount of time hooked up to a breast pump myself, I am so here for her pumping-at-the-SAG-Awards story. In the post, Peretti shared a pic of herself at the awards in a strapless, zip-up pumping bra (both the best and worst thing in the world when you are a pumping mom) despite otherwise being in full red carpet glam mode — hair, makeup, sparkly necklace that probably costs a fortune. Because, hey, motherhood clearly doesn't care that you're a celebrity.

In the photo's caption, Peretti joked about forgetting part of her pump, and made light of the fact that, no matter how hard you might try, it's nearly impossible to not feel totally ridiculous when your breasts are literally being milked by a machine:

pumping at sag awards! forgot part of the pump and had to uber it from home. doing great at being a woman! sexy, maternal, excited and free. reflecting with each mechanical whir

In the comments, Peretti's followers were totally supportive of her decision to post about the reality of pumping, and many chimed in to say how grateful they were for being honest. One user thanked Peretti "for sharing [her] non-glamorous pumping stories from all these glamorous places," adding that it helps to normalize breastfeeding for all moms, while another wrote, "For those of us pumping in closets and bathrooms on our lunch breaks, it’s awesome to see a celebrity in the pumping trenches too."

Peretti's followers also chimed in to share their own miserable "I forgot my pump" experiences — and if that's not something you've ever experienced, consider yourself lucky. One mom's story of having to go a whole night without pumping is totally cringeworthy (my own boobs hurt just thinking about it):

I forgot part of my pump when I was at a work conference a few years ago, I didn't have time to go get it until the evening, and the pharmacy was closed. I finally made it there when the pharmacy opened the next day. I wasn't sure I was going to survive.

While another shared an awkward pumping story of her own:

I fell asleep while pumping and forgot to attach the bottles... woke up with streams of milk gushing onto my pants, thinking I’d pissed myself. Walked out of the pumping room straight through a group of Capitol Hill police, and into a meeting with colleagues smelling like an old busted creamer. I called that garment my 'HAVING IT ALL' bra.

Pumping might be one of the least enjoyable parts of being a breastfeeding mom, but as Peretti knows, it at least gives you the option of having a night out when your child is literally dependent on your body for nourishment — and sometimes a little time away is exactly what new moms need. And really, there's also something particularly reassuring about realizing that even celeb moms have to sit through the decidedly unglamorous task. So even though Peretti may not have necessarily intended to share the pic as an act of motherhood solidarity, her post has definitely had that effect — and it's just one of the many reasons to love her take on parenthood.

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