Chihuahua's Harry Potter Under-Staircase Bed Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

The internet giveth, and sometimes to the internet taketh away. Today, the internet giveth in spades. Because tiny dogs and Harry Potter and hyper dedicated fans are what everyone needs, be honest. If there is only one thing you want to see on the internet today, let it be this: a chihuahua's Harry Potter, under-staircase bed. If you've never been jealous of a chihuahua before, you're going to be jealous now.

It might seem weird to be jealous of a dog's bed, but once you get a gander at this thing... just bear with me, I'm dying. I'm thinking of my own bed and wishing I were a sweet little chihuahua with a nice lady owner like the retired teacher from Georgia who created a Harry Potter-esque bedroom haven for her pet. Betty McCall and her dog, Poncho, are clearly living the high life in the small city of Rochelle. When McCall's nephew, Will Rigdon, was visiting his aunt over Labor Day, he made an amazing discovery: She had created a bedroom in the cupboard under the stairs for her dog.

The bedroom was completely outfitted with a tiny brass bed, a little dog photo, and even a dresser, which I'm really hoping holds a vast array of tiny dog sweaters tailor-made for Poncho. Perhaps he has a "poncho" to go along with the most adorable tiny sombrero I have ever seen.

Rigdon must have had a premonition that the internet would completely fall in love with Poncho's bedroom and posted photos of it online. The gallery of photos he shared on imgur have been viewed over 195,000 times already, with Harry Potter fans and dog-lovers the world over kicking themselves for not thinking of this first. Maybe he is like Professor Sybill Trelawny from Divination class at Hogwarts, and he has The Eye.

McCall told Buzzfeed News that she never intended to create a bedroom for Poncho — she was simply using the space under the stairs as a makeshift dog crate. That was until she found an American Girls brass bed at a thrift shop, and then (obviously) all bets were off.

“I thought it would be funny to use it as a dog bed,” McCall said. “This worked much better and is more comfortable for Poncho.”

Betty McCall also told Buzzfeed News that Poncho like to take off to his room for some peace and quiet when guests come over. I guess that's what happens when you are the only dog around with a bedroom better than most humans. You turn into a Prima Donna.

The bed and breakfasts and the quaint country inns of the world should take note: If you don't have little bedrooms under the stairs for dog guests, you aren't doing it right.