Children share messages of hope in Italy.
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Italian Kids Are Making Rainbows With The Message The World Needs Right Now

As Italy continues to struggle to contain the novel coronavirus with the entire country on lockdown, people are doing their best to stay positive. In fact, children in Italy have painted hopeful messages with rainbows to help others feel a sense of calm amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Italy has been hit especially hard by the new coronavirus, COVID-19; as of Wednesday, the virus has killed over 2,900 people in the country, according to USA Today, and over 35,700 reported cases. And as the country remains under national lockdown, millions of children have not been able to leave their homes and go to school. So how are the children of Italy reacting to being quarantined? As it turns out, some are channeling their energy into art and hope.

As parents on social media have shared and photographers have captured in images, children in Italy have used colorful paints, markers, and crayons to write the hopeful message "Andrà tutto bene," which translates to "Everything is going to be OK" or "Everything will be alright."

According to The Guardian, the idea to have children make signs of hope during the COVID-19 quarantine was first started on Facebook by a few mothers living in the Puglia region of Italy, but it has since spread across the country.

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Some children are making small signs while other have made signs large enough to be hung from balconies, where people from other homes can see them and enjoy.

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Some children's signs, like this one below shared on Twitter, included the message "Io resto a casa," which translates to "I'm staying at home," perhaps to show solidarity with the millions of Italians who are trying to stay in self-isolation to stem to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Parents are also encouraging their children to hang signs in solidarity with other kids and "trying to stay positive" themselves.

"Trying to stay positive. Today we hang out our sign with all the other children in Italy. Everything will be ok," one Twitter user wrote.

It can't be easy for children to be stuck inside their homes for weeks on end, afraid and confused about the future. The fact that they are trying to share a message of hope, accompanied by a rainbow, is incredible. They're even inspiring adults to take part.

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The resilience of children clearly cannot be underestimated. Self-isolation is no easy thing for adults, let alone kids who might have trouble understanding what's happening and why.

The compassion and empathy of these signs made by children speaks to something sweet, innocent, and positive in their hearts. Something the world needs at this collective moment of uncertainty.

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