Chip & Joanna Gaines' Celebrity Double Date Will Really Surprise You

I already knew their fame grew fast, with their home improvement show based on their local business leading to a national design line and, ultimately, their own TV network. And I was already aware that my celeb crush on this duo was shared by such stars as Reese Witherspoon and Jenna Bush Hager. But Chip & Joanna Gaines' celebrity double date will really surprise you.

As People reported, the design duo had an unexpected encounter over the weekend... with two stars who you would think wouldn't be begging for an autograph from anyone, let alone the modest Gaines family, who are always either making fun of themselves or at least are super low-key about their achievements.

The magazine reported that Jennifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez fulfilled a fantasy by posing with Chip and Jo, whom the movie and music diva and former baseball player flew all the way to Waco, Texas to see.

In similar photos posted on both Chip's and A. Rod's Instagram accounts, it looks like the two celeb couples met in either a Waco park or maybe even the Gaines' famed floral backyard? We don't know for sure, but either way, it was somewhere pretty, with lots of greenery.

As usual, Chip boiled things down with his usual humor. "What is going on!??" Chip posted of the meet-and-greet. "This is like a Twilight zone of hot people. Then there's me, looking as usual.. disheveled. Thanks for coming to town @jlo and @arod!"

The backstory to this adorbs date is that J. Lo was the world's biggest fan ever of Fixer Upper, as Harper's Bazaar reported. (I saw a repeat last night from an early season. Chip & Jo redid a house for a couple who worked at Baylor University. The episode reminded me why people love this family; you were really invested in the results. So I get it, Jen.)

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the magazine detailed, Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year that she was a fan: "We got a little fixer upper next to the water, and we were like, 'Oh, we gotta fix this up, it’s really a house that needs work.' ... I was like, 'Wouldn’t it be amazing to have [Gaines] do it for us?' But she doesn’t do anything outside of Waco [Texas], like nothing."

First of all, I love the idea that Lopez sees herself in anyone featured in Fixer Upper, a show about regular folks trying to afford renovated homes in small-town America.

Of course, as Entertainment Tonight noted, Lopez's "fixer upper" was in Malibu, California. And Lopez's fiancé, Rodriguez, managed to use a few of his connections to pull off getting Joanna on a FaceTime call with J. Lo.

"I totally fan-girled out," Lopez told the television show, with People adding the introduction led to Joanna touring J. Lo's new house in person in March, a camera crew in tow (although we have no idea where that footage might end up).

As a huge fan of the Gaines' Magnolia empire, I, for one, enjoy watching Chip & Jo's fame grow (and it will only continue from here with the launch of their new venture next year). Stars are starting to come to Waco just to see how the Gaineses do things at their Magnolia Marketplace at the Silos, which seems to be a pretty popular Waco attraction.

Funnily enough, though, their fame hasn't reached every corner of the country: Page Six reported that the original home fix-up goddess herself, Martha Stewart, did not recognize the Gaineses when the pair asked for an introduction at the recent Time 100 Gala in New York, recognizing influential people.

Well, at any rate, there's no stopping these style-making spouses. If Jenny from the Block is begging you to redo her house, and you're possibly too booked to do it, you're probably good.