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Here's When Chip & Joanna Gaines' New TV Network Will Come To TVs Near You

If you've been in serious decorating withdrawal and really needing some of that Magnolia magic, this is your lucky day. News has just arrived that Chip & Joanna Gaines' new TV Network is finally coming, after months of speculation. So now you — and I — can rest easy.

I mean, it was a struggle for a while there, with only the couple's old shows to be scrounged up somewhere on cable. If you were really missing these guys, you could visit their furniture collection at Target... but that's not really the same. ( And hey, you could always hop on a plane and visit their Magnolia Market at the Silos shopping center in Waco, Texas.)

But now USA Today is reporting that the designing duo will be back in a big way, with Discovery, Inc. formally spreading the word that in summer 2020, the Gaineses’ new network will replace Discovery’s spinoff, the DIY Network. This means an all Gaineses, all the time, venture... I know, deep breaths.

As People noted, the new channel will be all about the Gaineses' fave topics — garden community, food, wellness, and, of course, design. The network also will be home to the full catalogue of Fixer Upper episodes, given that that show was a ratings hit during its four years on the air.

"We’re thrilled to officially announce a media joint venture with Discovery," Magnolia spokesperson John Marsicano told People. "Our goal ... is to deliver a unique, inspiring and family-friendly content experience rooted in honesty and authenticity — the kind of programming that helps bring people together."

The new offerings will reportedly include an app and, down the line, a streaming service, with Chip and Joanna working as chief creative officers of, well, everything, according to Entertainment Weekly. (Discovery previously partnered with Oprah herself, USA Today noted.)

"Our intention with this network is to create and curate content that inspires, encourages, and helps to build bridges across our communities. We want honest, authentic programming that brings families together," the couple said in a joint statement, as per CNN.

This is really great news for those of us who love everything the Gaineses are about and are always surprised by their next innovation. For example, Joanna's new kids book about gardening made even people born without a green thumb (I'm talking about myself) contemplate a visit to the nursery. (I said "contemplate.")

But even as the couple's fame grew, they were open in the press about the fact that juggling family responsibilities became more and more difficult; the couple ultimately decided to sign off from the series that made them famous, as E! News reported.

The show had started to wear on Chip, Cowboys & Indians magazine. "TV was a funny thing for me,” he told the magazine last year. "I’m an authentic, sincere person. So, as long as things are natural and organic, I’m in my element. But the more staged something becomes, or the more required something becomes, it boxes me up, and I felt like toward the end of the Fixer Upper journey, I felt caged, trapped."

It was clear the family needed a break. "We are pretty headstrong and when we feel like it is the right decision for our relationship, for our family, for our business, it would take an act of Congress to knock us off that position," Joanna joked to E! about the decision to shut down Fixer Upper.

(After all, Country Living magazine noted the couple completed 78 renovation projects in five seasons on the air... which would make anyone need a break!)

Now that the couple have had their fifth baby, Crew (who joins sibs Drake, Ella Rose, Duke, and Emmie Kay, as per Good Housekeeping), it seems like perfect timing to be their own bosses, with enough latitude to cover topics that are of interest to them (and will no doubt be of interest to us).

"Even our kids are excited," Joanna told People in a separate story last month ahead of the official launch. "They’ll say to us, 'You guys should do this or try that.' They’ve really been helping us with market research."

I'm thrilled about this news. And the way to juggle five kids and a big life is to own the company; these guys are geniuses. My only question is: How will we pass the time until this thing's officially on the air?