Chip & Joanna Gaines' Cutest Kid Instagrams

There's something so completely refreshing about seeing real, down to earth people on television, doing what they love. Especially considering all the stress that comes with becoming a public person, managing to stay relatively sane and put together while in the spotlight is a pretty big accomplishment. Add in the task of raising kids along the way, and you've got yourself some serious parenting superstars. Celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Kourtney Kardashian, and more are all excellent examples of this. So are HGTV stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, whose cutest kid Instagrams prove that it's totally possible to be a working parent, as long as you have the proper support along the way.

Since the premiere of their hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper, in 2013, the Gaines have basically taken over the home improvement scene, enchanting the world with their witty banter, gorgeous designs, and adorable kids. The Gaines' children, Emmie, 6, Duke, 8, Ella, 9, and Drake, 11, sometimes make appearances on their television show, although the couple has said that they "want to give them the chance to have a normal childhood." Nevertheless, the couple does regularly post photos of their children on their respective Instagram accounts, most of which are seriously adorable.

When The Let Their Kids Roam (Sort Of) Free

"Hello Weekend!" Joanna Gaines captioned the above photo, featuring all four of her little ones walking along a picturesque white fence. Obviously, mom and dad were close by, but it's pretty impressive how well-balanced all their kids are. (Get it?)

When They Surprised Their Little Ones With Their Latest Project

In the above photo Joanna shared, all four of the Gaines kiddos can be seen covering their eyes. Why? According to Gaines, "Today we got to reveal the bakery to our four favorite people! They loved getting to be on the other side of the canvas and be surprised."

When Chip Paid The Sweetest Tribute To Joanna & His Daughters

Even though the above photo of the Gaines girls is from 2015, the message Chip shared along with it still rings true today. "My girls!" he began. "Unbridled! Untamed! Fearless! World changers! Arrows in my quiver! And… Just like their momma!"

Whenever They Spend Quality Time Around The Campfire

"It just doesn't get better than this for me," Chip captioned this sweet pic, featuring him roasting marshmallows with his little ones. "No place on earth I'd rather be."

When Chip & The Kids Rallied Around For Joanna's Birthday

"The best birthday surprise was waking up to the most amazing bkfst and a room full of all my favorite superheroes," Joanna shared last April. And seriously, how cute are they?

When Their Daughters Matched On A Perfect Saturday

Okay, obviously Joanna has a unique eye for design, but seriously, how perfect is this picture of her daughters, wearing matching sundresses, swinging on a wooden swing, with trees and green grass as the perfect backdrop? "Saturday is for swinging," she wrote, but it's also clearly for taking cute family photos.

When They Had The Best Family Night Ever

As Chip and Joanna met while attending Baylor University, it's no secret that the entire family are Bears fans. So, their matching jerseys aren't out of the ordinary, although they are seriously sweet. "Beautiful night at the ballpark with my family," Chip wrote. "And big win for the Bears!"

This Hilariously Perfect Moment

... Because who doesn't understand the chaos and love that is raising a rowdy household of kids?

The Gaineses are obviously in love with their family. Here's to hoping fans continue to get occasional peeks into their off hours for years to come.