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I'm Totally Stealing Chrissy Teigen's Idea Of Bulk Buying Ketchup Packets For Luna

If you've never raised a picky eater, you just don't know. You can't know the lengths a parent will go to in an effort to see their child eat. I would tell you all the things I did to feed and appease not one but two picky eaters but I think I might still be suffering from PTSD and therefore can't risk reliving the ordeal. Also the shame of it might do me in. Instead, let's all please bow our heads in reverence and solidarity with Chrissy Teigen, who bulk bought ketchup for her daughter Luna. Yup, she bought 2,000 packets of ketchup for Luna to take to school, and this might seem like overkill to you but if it does you just don't know what it's like so don't judge.

In case you don't already know, 3-year-old Luna is the daughter of Teigen and John Legend and is an utter sassy delight. While I've always adored all of Teigen's social media posts, anything she shares about Luna or Luna's 1-year-old brother, Miles, pretty much is truly her most relatable stuff. Well either that or any of her junk food posts, but mostly Luna and Miles. Especially now that Luna has started nursery school and Teigen, an actual bestselling author of not one but two incredible cookbooks herself, is struggling with the age old question: What do I put in my kid's lunch box?

She took to Twitter to find an answer recently.

Teigen started out by doing something I consider a bit of a rookie mistake: she looked at what other people were putting in their kids' lunchboxes. As someone who raised a child who would literally only eat a cold hot dog bun with three packets of ketchup for every meal, I know this is a bad idea. Seeing other kids eat, as Teigen noted "stuffed olive tapenade pita cat faces," can be awfully intimidating as you watch your own child slowly eat their way through a six-pack of hot dog buns.

Or, in Teigen's case, pizza bagels. Or even better (and please know I consider this a serious win for the Bring The Funny host), bulk buying ketchup packets for Luna to dip her cucumber in for her lunch.

Teigen might not nave needed to buy a total of 2,000 ketchup packets exactly, but I understand the sort of irrational panic behind her decision. What if there is a ketchup strike or something? What if they sell out of the packets and I'm left to try to feed my little picky eater? I think this might be one of the wisest things she has ever done.

Of course, Teigen is already pretty well versed in the world of raising a picky eater. Last December, according to TIME, she was so desperate for Luna to eat anything that she created an actual laminated picture menu (with food like fish sticks and ham and cheese "lunables" on Peppa Pig plates no less) for her daughter to choose from. Anything to get your kid to eat. Trust me, a parent will do anything. Including buying all the ketchup in the world just in case.