Chrissy Teigen is fulfilling real life fantasies with glimpses inside her pantry.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I Will Absolutely Be Dreaming About Chrissy Teigen's Very "Purdy" Pantry Tonight

I feel like I should warn people this isn't safe to look through at work, but please know that Chrissy Teigen gave us a look inside her kitchen pantry. Her well-stocked, impeccably organized pantry full of delicious foods, sauces, and spices. Truly, between her hot sauce lazy Susan, what appears to be a never-ending supply of peanut butter (placed next to some seaweed snacks), and so many jars of tasty jams, my heart might just burst.

As you are likely well aware by now, Teigen is a serious foodie. Long before she wrote the two bestselling Cravings cookbooks and started her own website of the same name full of delicious photos and comfort food recipes, she was a food blogger. Yes, she was an actual swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated and loved food so much that she created the blog So Delushious! at the same time, the mind boggles. Since those early days Teigen has gone on to host a TV series, become Mayor of Twitter, and oh yes, birth and raise 3-year-old daughter Luna and 20-month-old son Miles. I suspect no one would blame her if her pantry was a bit worse for wear these days.

But hallelujah, it is not. It is a thing of real and pure beauty. Behold.

First things first: Wow she loves herself some Jif peanut butter. Not to mention Bonne Maman jelly, which is actually the best. Teigen used several sizes of clear bins with lids to stock things like nuts, seeds, rice, and quinoa, while keeping loads of single servings snacks on the bottom shelf, perhaps to make it easier for her kids to help themselves.

If you feel a bit faint and hot under the collar looking at this pantry — you're not alone. Teigen herself referred to this pantry as an "organizational orgasm" in the caption and credited an organization fixer, Riorganize, for her newly streamlined shelves. "f*****ck look how purdy my pantry is!!!!" she wrote on Instagram. "neat freaks, swipe for an organizational orgasm."

Of course, fans are having fits of the vapors over this gorgeous pantry. "This is doing it for meeeeeee!!!!!," one fan commented, while another wrote that she was particularly fond of "The Tabasco lazy Susan!!!!!!!"

What is a Tabasco lazy Susan, you ask? Let me show you...

Of course, it's becoming something of a thing for celebrities to share photos of their pantries. Kim Kardashian-West recently offered a bird's eye view of her walk-in fridge and pantry, but it was a little less relatable. She did have one entire fridge for milk, after all.

In the case of Chrissy Teigen, her pantry is stocked with food I absolutely want to eat, like that Peach cobbler filling or the pretzels in clear containers but maybe not the Jif since I'm a Kraft Crunchy peanut butter girl all the way. All stored in tidy little cubbies that make it easy for grabbing. This is the fantasy I needed to get me through the day.