Chrissy Teigen made it clear she was very dedicated to making sure her kids believe in Santa this ye...
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Chrissy Teigen Had An Actual Santa Deliver Gifts To Her Kids & Yes, I'm A Bit Jealous

In my world as a parent, it's very true that there's always one mother who takes it to the next level around the holidays. One mom who makes the day brighter, more special, more unique than anyone else. This year, that mom is probably Chrissy Teigen because she had an actual Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to her kids.

Teigen and her musician husband John Legend clearly wanted to make the holidays special for their 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles. And what is more special than having actual Santa Claus come to your house and sneak around the yard with presents for your kids? Now, some of you might be thinking that these kids would be too young to have any kind of clear idea about who the big man in red might be, but I'm here to tell you that this is incorrect.

In a video the Cravings cookbook author shared on Instagram with the message "merry christmas to you and yours," the reactions from her kids are truly priceless. Although they might not be quite as excited as John Legend to see Santa, they're pretty pumped.

The couple live in Los Angeles, but seem to be spending their holidays somewhere with lots of snow. In Teigen's video, Santa Claus can be seen sneaking outside the window as people scream and Legend cries out, "I see Santa Claus! Oh my God, I saw him!" Luna, wearing a little princess dress, can be seen jumping up and down with excitement with a friend.

It's a moment most parents dream of over the holidays, spreading the Christmas magic to their little ones. And I suspect I already know what Luna is hoping to get in her stocking from Santa Claus this year. Earlier this month Luna "wrote" a letter to Santa Claus where she asked him for a "ballet dancer so I can sleep with her every night. Love Luna Stephens every night."

As for little Miles... well, he was recently seen sitting in a child-sized sports car looking pretty relaxed, so I'm mostly concerned it will be difficult for Santa to top that gift.

I guess the gift of Santa Claus running outside your window is pretty much the best you can get. Let's see if every kid has the same experience next year. Poor Santa, he's going to be extra exhausted.