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Chrissy Teigen Makes Sure Luna & Miles Embrace Their Thai Roots

Chrissy Teigen is famous for a million different reasons; she's a two-time bestselling cookbook author, a model, a social media influencer, a TV host. But within those fame circles she's also pretty famous for her amazing relationship with her mom Vilailuck Teigen (who many followers know simply as Pepper Thai). Teigen's mom lives in Los Angeles with her and greatly influences the way her daughter is raising her two children. Especially when it comes to her own background, it seems. In fact, Chrissy Teigen honors her Thai heritage with her two kids, Luna and Miles, on a regular basis, because she's proud of her own history and that of her mom.

The Lip Sync Battle host was born in Utah to parents Vilailuck and Ron Teigen. Her father is of Norwegian descent while her mother was born and raised in Thailand, according to Marie Claire. While Teigen is very much an American girl (her love of fast food alone should attest to that fact), she is admirably determined to make sure her two children with husband John Legend are raised with knowledge of their Thai roots.

Perhaps especially since she herself struggled to appreciate some aspects of her culture as a kid, namely the spicy food and its generous use of garlic, as she previously shared with People. “I used to be embarrassed of Thai food’s weird smells as a little kid (especially the strong garlic scent), but now I crave all of the different Thai spices and use endless amounts of garlic in my recipes," she told the magazine in 2017. "I’ve come to be proud of my heritage, instead of shying away from it."

Of course her appreciation for her Thai culture goes beyond enjoying the delicious cuisine. These days she's making certain her kids are immersed in loads of different elements of Thai culture.

For instance, on Sunday she posted a picture of 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles with her mother visiting a Thai temple. She captioned the sweet image, "happy Sunday from the Thai temple!"

The proud mom also makes sure to expose her kids to culturally diverse toys, books, and television programs. Like the time she read Luna a Thai book her mom had read to her with hilarious results. The book is a little dark and morbid, and 3-year-old Luna clearly adores it from her laugh at the end. Another win for embracing her Thai culture.

Also let's not forget Luna's Thai-inspired dance moves when she was washing her own little car last April.

As Teigen once explained to Stylecaster, it's important to her that her children feel represented by the toys they are playing with. "Having something that represents them or looks a little like them, it changes everything. I never thought that way before. I always thought, ‘Why can’t she just play with a regular blonde Barbie?’ There is something to be said about having something that has your skin color, your hair color, your eye color, your eye shape," she told the news outlet last year.

Chrissy Teigen's kids are very lucky. Their mom understands the importance of making sure they appreciate their heritage, and from the looks of things, both kids are loving that Thai life already.