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Chrissy Teigen Epically Trolled Her BFF's Swollen Pregnancy Ankle Post

Being a mom is not an easy task, which is why it's always smart to have good friends who have your back and can make you laugh when you're pregnant and just feeling really uncomfortable. For example, on Tuesday, Chrissy Teigen trolled Brooklyn Decker's swollen ankle post on Instagram and it was pretty hilarious to witness.

Decker is pregnant with her second child, a daughter, with husband Andy Roddick and shared a picture of her leg up on a couch, with a super swollen ankle. "I don't even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore," she captioned the photo. The image garnered a ton of comments from sympathetic women who have totally "been there," but one huge "troll" popped up pretty quickly. The "troll" wrote in a series of comments:

Wow gross u need to see a doctor!!!! This isn’t normal. Did u eat tuna???? Pregnant women cannot consume more than 3 tunas a day. Once ur foot gets a taste for the tuna it swells to reject the mercury. This is. Dangerous game u are playing. #dangerous.

This "troll's" name? Chrissy Teigen. Adorable right? She then left a link to her "blog" that she wanted Decker to check out with the address, "hppt://iamthesmartestmom.blogspot.vzw.blackberry.net/tuna." Decker played along and told her that the link was broken, to which Teigen replied, "probably too much traffic."

These two, right?

Teigen literally covered every aspect of mom shaming: The broken link, the self righteousness, and even an unnecessary corrected spelling. If anyone knows about mom-shaming, it's definitely Chrissy Teigen.

She's been mom-shamed for doing basically everything wrong — going on a date night just after Luna was born, letting her wear jelly sandals, or not putting socks on her sometimes. It's escalated to the point that Teigen admitted this summer that she checked a tweet with a picture of Luna in car seat "like ten times" before posting it, just so that she wouldn't draw the ire of mommy trolls.

The shaming started before Luna was even born, which isn't, sadly, all that hard to believe. While pregnant with her daughter, Teigen posted a picture of herself eating Fruity Pebbles and people on social media literally lost their collective mind. Teigen fought back, as she often does, shutting down the shamers and even saying that she was going to "take a trapeze class" while very, very pregnant. That would show the mom-shamers, right? Luckily, Decker had her back this time and offered to fight off the mom-shamers for her BFF.

Think about how awful that must feel. When us regular folk post pictures of our kids, a swarm of friends and random people we knew in college will immediately like the picture with a heart emoji and comment on how cute they are. They might even ask you where you bought the onesie in the picture or something.

When a celeb does the same thing, thousands of absolute strangers swing by to tell you how wrong and stupid or worse, selfish, they are. It was lucky that Teigen was able to swing through Decker's comments and turn the trolling into a joke before the real trolls showed up.

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That's just how Teigen rolls — although she's said that the mom-shaming does get to her sometimes, she's also knows that those people are miserable and don't deserve to be taken seriously.

"You realize you’re going to get it no matter what," she told TODAY in an interview earlier this year.

Teigen faux-trolling Decker shows the importance of having strong, smart women around you. Whether you're pregnant, postpartum, or raising kids, knowing that there are other women in the world who have your back no matter what is the best defense against the mom-shamers of the world — on the internet and out in the real world.

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