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Chrissy Teigen's Attempt At A Family Photo Is All Of Us

I remember my very first family photo. It was with my oldest son when he was just a baby and it took forever. Or at least, what I thought was forever back when I had just one baby. Forever changed dramatically once I had more than one child, of course. As did all of our family photos. That first one turned out beautifully with me looking all serene and newly maternal and my baby looking like an angel. Family pictures now that there are five of us? Well. It's a lot of angles and not always good ones. Like Chrissy Teigen's attempt at a family photo; trying to get everyone to look at the camera alone is a bit of a fool's errand on account of it's probably not going to happen.

The Bring The Funny host and her EGOT-winning husband John Legend are now parents to two adorable kids, 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles. Both Miles and Luna are presumably very accustomed to having their photos taken, as are their famous parents. But it seems trying to get all four of those famous faces looking at the camera at the same time, not to mention Teigen's mother Vilailuck Teigen (who lives with the family) added into the mix, spells a near disaster. Although I must objectively say they did a pretty great job considering all the different variables.

Teigen noted in the caption of her post, "We are ALMOST all looking!!! #someday." No offense to baby Miles but I'm going to tattle on him now and point out that he is definitely the one person not looking at the camera. Also John Legend is looking a little crooked but I was not put here on this earth to criticize people so perhaps I will stop right now. It should be noted that Luna is essentially her own mood in this photo; it's almost like she is unaware other mere mortals are even in the frame. Bless her.

Of course all parents will relate to the difficulties of trying to arrange a family photo. They will also relate to another post of Teigen's from August, where she called husband John Legend out in a lengthy diatribe because she always ends up being the family photographer:

I never have pictures of myself because I am selfless and am the designated photo taker and keeper for my family and no one else seems to care to be thoughtful and take good photos of me they merely click them off without paying attention to angles or lighting or general photo ambience. but it’s okay. such is the life I chose. (To john)

If I could give Chrissy Teigen some unsolicited advice she doesn't need I would tell her to just keep on doing what she does best; embrace the candid shots. Take pictures of her family doing what they do best like making messes and being silly.

And if one of these days she happens to get a family photo of everyone looking directly at the camera, she should write a book about it. Because this feels impossible.