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If You Want To Smile, Please Watch Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Dance In This Video

I don't like to play favorites here, but I am going to go ahead and do it anyhow. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter Luna might be one of my favorite celebrity toddlers and that's saying something because there are a bunch of cute ones out there. It's not just that the 3-year-old is adorable, but she's also got a pretty funny little personality. And after watching a video of Teigen's daughter Luna dancing to Legend singing, you should probably be prepared to melt a little from the cuteness overload because I did.

Teigen and her husband are parents to two children together, daughter Luna and 10-month-old son Miles. As a child of wildly famous parents, little Luna is in a unique position where she can actually watch her dad perform on television. It's not something many of us can do with our own parents, but for Luna it's part of her normal life. That doesn't mean she takes it for granted, apparently.

On Tuesday night, Teigen shared a video of her little girl dancing away to a video of her dad singing his new single "Preach" on The Voice (while wearing a Moana nightgown because that kid is all about the Disney princesses, as evidenced by her third birthday party at Disneyland) and just loving every second of it.

Luna dancing is cute enough, of course, but then when Legend sings "Mommy" she stops for a second and says to Teigen, "Look at Mommy," and then tries to sing along. Because she has probably heard this song before, so why not?

Perhaps we'll see a little daddy and daughter duet in the near future, like the one Legend shared on Instagram on March 26 of the two of them singing, of all things, "Baby Shark" together.

I have to say, it's nice to see that Luna has rather warmed to her famous father's singing now that she's gotten a bit older.

Last July Legend tried to do a little private concert for his then-2-year-old daughter, something I suspect the general public would normally pay thousands of dollars for, and she simply wasn't having any of it. At least not in the video Teigen shared on Twitter...

As Legend appeared to do some vocal exercises, Luna pushed on his legs and screamed, "No! No!" Teigen captioned the short video "#TWO" because basically that's life with a 2-year-old, isn't it?

Now that Luna is 3, she seems to appreciate her parents a bit more. I mean just three days ago she was happily painting her mother's fingernails an electric blue like a real little professional. That's some painstaking work for a busy toddler.

That smile Luna gives her mom at the beginning of this Instagram video? That's why she is one of my favorite celebrity toddlers. I think also because Luna and her parents don't really give off celebrity vibes. They're just a family having fun together and figuring things out. Sure, every once in awhile she gets to watch her dad on television. But otherwise they're just pretty regular, right?