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I'm 100% Convinced Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Is A Super Model In The Making

There are some kids who hate getting their picture taken. I should know, I'm the mother of four of them. Kids who make faces or balk or accuse you of "ruining an organic moment" by asking everyone to freeze and stay in place for a photo. This is not the case with Chrissy Teigen's much-photographed daughter Luna. Despite the fact that the 3-year-old is being almost constantly photographed, she seems to totally love it. More and more each day, in fact. Teigen's daughter Luna is a super model in the making, and her mother is already making soft plans for her future in the industry.

Well, sort of making plans I should say. I have no evidence that she has signed Luna up for modeling lessons or has a personal catwalk in the toddler's bedroom or anything (although, oh my God... can you even imagine?). The Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author is simply putting a little feeler out there while she and her family are on holiday in Thailand. Checking in with one of her old contacts from back in the days when she was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model herself from 2010 to 2017.

In a photo of Luna posing on a rock on the beach that Teigen shared on Instagram on Wednesday, she tagged MJ Day, a Sports Illustrated editor. And honestly the little girl looks so adorable, who could blame her?

Teigen captioned the photo of Luna smiling sweetly with a seriously perfect pose: "Oh dear @mj_day." Day responded by enthusing: "Effortless beauty ✔️Chic suit ✔️ Owns that rock✔️ TOE POINT ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ #callmeLuna."

Unsurprisingly, many of Teigen's followers couldn't help pointing out that the little girl definitely gets her model genes from her mom. As one fan commented, "She inherited that model gene. Too cute." Another chimed in, "Can you blame her?!! Super model in training." One more said, "What a natural. Just like mommy."

Luna has inherited more than just the modeling gene from her mother, as anyone who has checked out Teigen's social media posts can tell you. She has also inherited her sense of humor and, perhaps more importantly, her innate sense of timing.

The Bring The Funny host spoke to Entertainment Tonight in June about her daughter's "amazing" comedic timing. "She is so verbal... Obviously everyone's kids say something and you're like, 'Where did you get that?' But with us, it's like, 'How did you learn that tone or phrasing?'" Teigen said. "She phrases things really well and she, like, holds a beat to give the punch line with things. It's really interesting. But yeah, she's so funny."

Much like her mother, Luna sometimes likes to combine her sense of humor with her sense of style and that's when the magic really happens. Like when she recently decided to tackle the headband of the day, or #HBOTD, trend Teigen started last year, complete with her father John Legend crooning a theme song in the background. Luna put her own spin on the trend by wearing them as a bunch of belts, very avant garde.

No matter what Luna does as she gets older, she's going to be amazing. Because with Chrissy Teigen as a mother, how could she not?