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Luna Legend's Career Goals Are So On-Brand For Her Creative Personality

It must be intimidating to be the daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. The couple are sort of good at everything, aren't they? Legend is an amazing singer and songwriter, while Teigen manages to be equally amazing at cooking as she is at taking on President Donald Trump. And although some kids might be intimidated by such talent, this isn't the case for their little girl. In fact, Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna already has her future job picked out, and it's so on-brand for this fun 3-year-old.

Luna started her second year of preschool on Monday, something her mother managed to take the time to celebrate, despite the fact that she was engaged in a Twitter battle with POTUS, who decided to rant about her in the middle of the night, according to CNN. Oy.

And if you were legit worried that Teigen would let something like a social media attack from the president take away from her daughter's moment in the sun, you obviously haven't been following her very closely. Not only did Teigen take her daughter's photo for her first day of preschool on Instagram, she also created a little chalkboard celebration of all things Luna. And that wonderful chalkboard offered us a special glimpse into the person she one day hopes to become.

Of course, there was also a whole lot of information about the little person Luna is right now, and it seems she loves to visit the park with her 1-year-old brother Miles, "dancing with Daddy, adventures with Mommy," and her "Yay's Thai books." Luna's "Yay" is Teigen's mother, Vilailuck, who lives with the family full-time.

Beyond time with her family, the precocious little girl loves to swim like a mermaid and eat bananas and pasta. But she also has plans for her future, make no mistake about that. Luna wants to do nails when she grows up, which is great because she's already basically working at a professional level from this video I've seen.

Back in April, Teigen shared a video of a gloriously happy Luna in her element, painting her mother's finger nails a bright electric blue like it was the only thing she wanted to do ever. Apparently, Luna has been really into mani-pedis for a long time because back in October 2018, when she was just two years old, Teigen told Entertainment Tonight that her daughter was all about makeup and nails. Especially nails. "She's like a manicure kind of gal," Teigen told the outlet.

As for Teigen's reaction to Luna's manicurist goals, she captioned the shot: "'do nails' yesssssss."

Luna even likes to have her own nails done, as evidenced by videos of both her father and mother painting her toe nails. Sure, Teigen was mom-shamed for doing so, but she took it in stride as she always does.

Because at the end of the day, Luna is a kid who knows what she wants. And her mother is the kind of mom who is going to make it happen for her. I might want to book my appointment now, please.