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Chrissy Teigen's Genius Hack For Picky Eaters Apparently Works

If Chrissy Teigen ever decides to write a book about parenting, I will buy it. I say this despite the fact that I've already raised my children and therefore no longer need the advice. There's something about Teigen's parenting style that appeals to me, probably because I believe it. Also she seems to have loads of fun with her kids, which is an element that's rarely mentioned in traditional parenting tomes. As for advice... well, I know she's got one part of parenting that eluded me down pat. Chrissy Teigen's genius hack for toddlers who won't eat might have seemed a little out-of-the-box, but guess what? It looks like it's working.

The Lip Sync Battle host shares 2-year-old daughter Luna and 8-month-old son Miles with EGOT-winner husband John Legend. The couple are pretty comfortable sharing their trials and tribulations of parenting on social media, much to everyone's delight, including, of course, mine. One of Teigen's most recent adventures with Luna, who her mother has frequently referred to as somewhat sassy (delightfully so, if I may be so bold), had to do with the all-too-common struggle of picky eating. As Teigen noted on Twitter, Luna has a very limited palate. It's essentially fish sticks and spaghetti. Her solution? Make a laminated menu of possible items for Luna to peruse in her own personal restaurant.

It probably seems impossible that Luna would turn down any food offered by Teigen, whose Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook is chock full of the most delicious things you've ever seen. I mean, I certainly wouldn't turn down a meal from her. But I'm not a fussy toddler. And so, the most insanely extra laminated menu (with prices included) was created for Luna. My favorite item? Ham and cheese "Lunables."

Sure, this might seem a bit far to some. But if you've ever suffered through life with a toddler who won't eat, you get it. They own you completely. It's like being in a hostage situation where you are forced to stand in front of the fridge and rattle off food choices forever, couple with ear-piercing screams of "Nooo!!" as your constant companion. That might have been a recovered memory.

Fortunately for Teigen and every other parent who wants to steal this creative hack, the plan apparently worked. The relieved mom shared an update on Twitter on Saturday, where Luna is paying her bill in order to sit down and eat her lunch.

As Teigen wrote:

it’s working!!!! she now eats all her food when she orders from the menu and pays for it

Luna was so happy she even left her mother a tip for her troubles. And yes, Teigen did actually laminate five $1 bills specifically for her daughter.

If the response to Teigen's menu idea on social media is anything to go by, this could well become a thing in the near future.

As we fully enter the holiday season, when many parents will be dealing with kids who don't want to eat all of that grown-up food on offer, I hope this idea takes off quickly. Because I have a feeling Chrissy Teigen might have just solved one of the oldest parenting headaches in the book.

I should have another kid, just to check.

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